Ringo Chikuma is a human character in the Kiss Players portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Watch out, she bites.

Ringo Chikuma (千曲鈴檎, Chikuma Ringo) is a Kiss Player for the Earth Defense Command. She is partnered with the Ne-01 Autrooper and is a member of the Ne squad under Commander Amaou. Calling herself "Princess Ringo," she appears to be both quite young and quite emotionally disturbed.


Kiss Players

Ringo was a member of Shao-Shao Li's Kiss Player squad, and may have developed a crush on the skilled fighter. When Atari Hitotonari was recruited by the E.D.C., Ringo entered the naked and sleeping girl's room through the window (with the aid of her Autrooper) and introduced herself, telling Atari to call her "Princess Ringo".


She also shoots. This is probably the wrongest thing on this wiki.

To the surprised girl's discomfort, Ringo told her that she had heard Atari was an even more powerful Kiss Player than Shao and wondered aloud what she tasted like. To satisfy her curiosity, she stuck her tongue in Atari's mouth and then bit her hard. Ew.

Wiping her mouth dry, she cheerfully welcomed the bleeding and terrified Atari to the E.D.C.

This would not be Ringo's only act of whim-driven cruelty towards her newest teammate. She has gone on to force-feed Atari flowers and pour honey over her. Their (now former) fellow squad member Kayu appeared to be either unwilling or unable to interfere in these attacks, evidently because she had previously been subjected to the same treatment.

Ringo played a key role in a trap laid for Marissa Faireborn's all-female resistance commando squad. When the commandos attacked the E.D.C. caravan that was transporting Optimus Prime's dead body, Ringo's Autrooper suddenly burst from the fake Prime-corpse's torso and the fused Kiss Player gleefully mowed down the resistance team in a hail of automatic gunfire.

When the missing Kayu's Autrooper went wild in E.D.C. headquarters, the fused Ringo ruthlessly shot it down over Atari's protests. Atari's mind went blank, and when she regained her senses, her Autrooper's hands were stained with blood. It is possible that Ringo has been killed or seriously injured. We can only hope.


  • In Japanese, Ringo's name means "Apple". So no, she is not named after the drummer for the Beatles. Whether she has blisters on her fingers remains to be established.
  • According to colored artwork on Yūki Ōshima's website, Ringo's hair is pink.
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