The rift is a spatial anomaly in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

When the oppositely charged energon from Unicron's body and detached head came into contact with each other, the cataclysmic result was a rift which sundered the very fabric of existence. Glowing bright yellow sometimes and shimmering deep black-purple at others, the rift constantly sucked in a stream of space debris, making it hazardous for anyone caught in its grip. On the other side, a peaceful realm of space existed, where, for a time, Alpha Q was able to nurture his precious planets.

It may or may not have had a black hole at its heart. It may or may not be a black hole.

"There's a hole in the universe!"
―Alpha Q pointing out the obvious[["Ripped Up Space"| [src]]]


Energon cartoon

Ripped Up Space Team Optimus Prime Improsoned Inferno

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