Richard Starkings is a British comic letterer and editor. He lettered several issues of both the British edition of the Marvel Generation One comic and the US Generation 2 comic. He went on to found Comicraft, a computer-lettering company that has made traditional hand lettering of comics largely obsolete. Due to Comicraft's lettering of the Universe comic, his name also appears in that series' credits.

For a year in the late 1980s he also formally served as editor of the originated UK strips for the UK comic. This was because Simon Furman's position as both writer and editor on the title was formally frowned on by Marvel US's editor-in-chief Tom DeFalco, so Starkings served in an advisory capacity.[1] Starkings himself has stated that he and Furman treated this as a formality and his input into the strips was minimal.[2] He was also editor of the Marvel UK Action Force comic when it ran a crossover with Transformers entitled "Ancient Relics!"

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