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Richard Branson is a human from the Marvel Comics UK portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Yes, that Richard Branson.

Richard Branson runs a large company called Virgin from the UK. Their activities involve clean-up operations, which he oversees personally. His intentions are genuine, but he doesn't object to a little publicity along the way, either.

He's smart enough to know that you don't get sharks in the Thames, though Jawbreaker disagreed.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

Following the discovery of Transformer bodies in the Thames, Richard Branson led a crew from Virgin to remove them environmental hazards, come rain or shine. No sooner had they hauled the bodies of Centurion and Megatron[1] above the water than a team of Decepticons showed up to steal them and fly them back to Shockwave.

Branson appeared cross at the Decepticons as they took the bodies away. In which case he may have had more in mind than simply disposing of them. (Or he just didn't like being put out of a headline.) Salvage!


  • This Richard Branson is clearly the counterpart to our own world's Richard Branson.
  • Originally, this story would have featured a character who was merely Bransonesque, but Lee Sullivan had a bit of fun drawing a full-on Branson likeness. When his bosses saw it, they decided to try for permission to actually use Branson as the character. They were successful, with Branson's appearance being tied into his ongoing environmental "Clean Up Britain" campaign, leading to it even making some UK papers.


  1. Of course, Centurion isn't actually a Transformer, and Megatron wasn't really Megatron but [[Straxus (G1)|]]-as-Megatron at this point.

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