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The name or term Rhinox refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rhinox (disambiguation).

Cheetor was on the mark when he said that Rhinox was the best of them. He's a Renaissance Bot. Intelligent, massive, strong, and stalwart, there are few Maximals one could depend on more. Rhinox is of a rare breed -- he's incredibly tech savvy, but mystically-inclined... without coming off as a burnt-out technohippie. He's quick and decisive in a crisis, with spectacular results, but is slow and steady. He loves to sniff the flowers. A behind-the-scenes charismatic and an on-his-feet strategist, he could lead the Maximals if he wanted to, but he doesn't.

If he sounds too good to be true, it's because he just might be. At times he can be borderline obsessive and single-minded. The Maximals are glad that he is on their side, because if he ever had a change of heart, woe be to them. No, woe be to the galaxy.

Still, you can't help but love a bot who can fight Megatron to a standstill without breaking a sweat yet would rather take a nap in a patch of daisies. Rhinox considers Rattrap to be his best friend, though he also has a close friendship with Optimus Primal. He appears to have some "older sibling/parental" emotions toward Airazor due to his role in bringing her online.

Rhinox's core was an integral part of the evil Vehicon General Tankor.

"Make a device to extract molecular structure from an alien probe... man, I gotta be a miracle worker!"
"I'm going to go smell some flowers."
―Rhinox, Renaissance 'bot

Italian name: Metal Rinox (Transmetal form - despite his original name being Rhinox...)
Spanish name: Rinox
Polish name: Nosoron (Nosorożec=Rhino)


Cartoon continuity[]

Timelines: Dawn of Future's Past[]


I stomp on pretty flowers!

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Beast Wars[]

Voice actor: Richard Newman (English), Daiki Nakamura (Japanese), Felipe D'inardo (Brazil)


You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Rhinox was a crewmember of the exploration ship Axalon when captain Optimus Primal got word that the Predacon criminal Megatron had stolen the Golden Disk and a ship with transwarp capabilities. The Axalon was the closest vessel that also possessed a transwarp drive, so Rhinox's ship was sent to engage them. After following the Predacons through a transwarp portal and appearing above a mysterious planet, both ships were damaged in the ensuing space battle, and before both ships crashed into the planet's surface below, the stasis pods carrying the rest of Rhinox's crew were ejected into orbit.

"Cover fire! THEY need it. WE give it."
―Rhinox to Rattrap before he picks him up.

The planet was rich with energon -- so much so that prolonged exposure would short out their bodies, so the Maximals and Predacons were forced to take organic forms from the local creatures. Rhinox took the form of a rhinoceros. It wasn't long before they found themselves in their first battle with the Predacons across a small cravats. Rhinox literally has to pick up Rattrap to get him to assist in the battle with cover fire for Optimus as he rescues a wounded Cheetor. Beast Wars, Part 1

When Optimus Primal was dematerialized and absorbed by a mysterious alien probe, Rhinox was forced to juryrig a gizmo to extract Optimus' molecular structure from the probe and reconstruct it. Whether or not this device would actually have worked is unknown, as shortly before he had a chance to use it, Rhinox blasted Waspinator with his chainguns (beginning the running gag of Waspinator being scrapped in every episode), and the wounded Predacon somehow accidentally triggered the Standing Stones construct, which then rematerialized Optimus on its own. Chain of Command

Rhinox later developed Sentinel, a hi-tech security system for the Axalon, which unfortunately went berserk when its control panel was damaged in a struggle between Dinobot and Rattrap. Rattrap however, was able to infiltrate the now-heavily guarded ship and deactivate Sentinel, which was then repaired and made fully-functional by Rhinox. A Better Mousetrap

"Well, whadda' ya' know? I win. Reprogramming me was the worst mistake you ever made. 'Cause now that I'm a Predacon, I'm just a little too crafty for you..."
―Rhinox to Megatron.

Sometime later, when the Maximals found themselves cornered by a Predacon ambush, Rhinox was able to take out their attackers with a carefully aimed spray of chaingun fire. Megatron was so impressed that he decided to make Rhinox a member of his merry band of thieves, by force. Rhinox was captured by Tarantulas and then reprogrammed into a Predacon by a device designed by Megatron called a "Transmuter". However, the newly malevolent Rhinox proved to be too much for Megatron to handle, as Optimus Primal had correctly predicted. He quickly dispatched most of the Predacons, working his way up to Megs himself in an attempted coup. Rhinox very nearly succeeded, but fortunately, Megatron was able to revert him back into a Maximal using the Transmuter, and Rhinox escaped to rejoin his Maximal comrades and smell some flowers. Dark Designs

Later, a stasis pod crash landed in a barren wasteland. Rhinox intercepted it and, with Cheetor's help, managed to save the protoform Maximal's spark. The protoform then became Airazor, who repaid the favor by saving the weakened Rhinox from Terrorsaur. The Spark

When Scorponok tested an experimental bomb on a group of Maximals, rendering them blind, it was Rhinox who led the group on the dangerous trek back to the Axalon, teaching them how to use their other senses. Of course, they succeeded, and afterwards, Rhinox again went off to smell some flowers. Dark Voyage

"Hey, if I'm going to wreck the wallpaper, I might as well do it on Pred turf."
―Rhinox refuses to stay at the base while the others try to find the cure for the virus.

Later, Tarantulas infected Rhinox with an energon discharge virus, which made him expel his energon reserves via his nasal passages in bursts powerful enough to tear through the hull of the Axalon, threatening both to destroy the Maximals' base and completely drain Rhinox of energy. Rattrap and Dinobot were dispatched to acquire a countervirus, while Rhinox ate some wild bean vines to keep his strength up. When the bickering duo nearly failed in their mission, the other Maximals, including Rhinox, showed up, and the rhinoceros blew away the Predacons with a massive energon... *ahem* "derriere-based"... discharge which was caused by his ingestion of wild beans. Megatron would remember this moment as the most humiliating defeat in his entire career. Rhinox was later cured by the countervirus via a Cybertronic beer hat. The Low Road

During the Planet Buster crisis, Rhinox was heavily damaged by Tarantulas and Blackarachnia when they infiltrated the Axalon, forcing him to spend the remainder of the crisis in a CR chamber, thereby preventing him from being upgrade into a Transmetal by the quantum surge. Other Voices, Part 2 Once Rhinox was fully repaired, he initiated a dangerous plan to bring the recently deceased Optimus Primal back to life by using the hole in space-time caused by the destruction of the Planet Buster to astrally project his spark into the Matrix, where he followed the transion left by Primal's spark and led it back to the land of the living, where it was reborn as Transmetal Optimus Primal. Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2

Despite his fondness for nature and his appreciation of his beast mode, after the quantum surge, Rhinox tended to remain at the Axalon unless circumstances required a full-team assault, as the Predacons' growing numbers versus the Maximals' losses made it vital that the base remained secured. After the destruction of the Axalon, Rhinox took responsibility for securing and improving the defences of the Ark, working with Blackarachnia's Disk-downloaded access codes to adapt salvaged components from the Axalon to make the base more secure, further restricting him to an unofficial role as the primary on-site guardian of the Ark.

When Blackarachnia's attempts to become a Transmetal caused her shell program to deteriorate, threatening to erase her core consciousness, Rhinox carried out a very delicate procedure to surgically remove the shell program directly. Unfortunately, certain failsafes installed by Tarantulas, combined with a Predacon attack, caused the operation to fail. Fortunately, Blackarachnia was mysteriously resurrected anyway by the Transmetal driver. Crossing the Rubicon

After Megatron raised the Nemesis, Rhinox was ordered by Optimus Primal to execute Operation: Eternity, which apparently only Primal and he knew about. The purpose of the operation was to "move the Ark" by activating its engines and taking off; little is know beyond that, because the Maximals failed when the Ark's engines proved beyond repair. However, Dinobot 2 downloaded emergency data to the Ark about an Autobot shuttle hidden within the Ark. Rhinox piloted the shuttle and flew it directly into the bridge of the Nemesis, taking down Megatron and causing the warship to spiral out of control and crash somewhere beyond the horizon. Thus, the Beast Wars were won. Rhinox and the other Maximals left prehistoric Earth aboard the aforementioned Autobot shuttle and began the voyage home to Cybertron. Nemesis, Part 2

Critical Mass[]

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

Rhinox stood outside the Ark as Razorbeast's chronally dispaced Maximals passed by. Although Optimus Primal could vaguely sense their presence, Rhinox theorized that the sensation was just a side-effect of Primal's recent upgrades. The Gathering #3

After Rhinox's death as Tankor, the Vok took his spark from the Matrix, gave him a new body, and dropped him into different realities supposedly to combat Unicron's chaos, but really to manipulate Cybertronian history. Rhinox realizes this and does not trust the Vok, but, out of guilt for his actions as Tankor, still helps any Cybertronian he comes across. Beast Wars Sourcebook

Beast Machines[]

Voice actor: Richard Newman (English), Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)

For further information, see: Tankor (BM)

Rhinox returned to Cybertron with the surviving Maximals to discover the entire population had been replaced by mindless Vehicon drones created by Megatron. Rhinox and Silverbolt were captured, stripped of their organic bodies and placed in the new bodies of Tankor and Jetstorm. Rhinox's mind was freed by Optimus' spark connection with him, and he watched and observed, eventually turning his back on his Maximals to conquer Cybertron as its new ruler, turning against his old comrades and Megatron simultaneously. Rhinox used the Key to Vector Sigma to try and destroy the Maximals and Megatron, but his plan failed due to Megatron's safeguards preventing Tankor attacking him directly and Optimus' use of the Plasma Energy Chamber, and he sadly died. Rhinox's spiritual form appeared once more with Optimus in the Matrix, apologizing for his actions as Tankor while bidding his friend farewell and to telling him to embrace his Spark.


When Primus gives Optimus Primal the ability to choose any Transformer, living or dead, from the Allspark to assist him in the war against Unicron, Primal chose Depth Charge and Rhinox. Depth Charge is bitter about being brought back from the dead, but Rhinox is thankful for the chance to atone for his actions as Tankor.

Fun Publications Cybertron comics[]


Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime recalled the end of the Universe conflict, where Rhinox defeated the Minion of Unicron Tankor, presumably redeeming his actions as his own universe's Tankor. He escaped Unicron with Optimus Primal. Revelations, Part 2

Beast Wars (PSX & PC)[]

Voice Actor: ??? (English), ??? (Japanese)

In an alternate timeline, Rhinox joins his fellow Maximals in battling not only an entrenched Predacon threat, but the interdimensional monsters known as the Skriix.

Rhinox built a massive fortified base (described as an "urban zone") away from the downed Axalon. He eventually expanded it to within reach of Tarantulas' lair.

(Note: The exact situations within the game changed depending on what side you played as. In the Predacon path, Rhinox's base was judged a threat by the Predacons, who attempted to neutralize it. In the Maximal path, Tarantulas overtook the base and reprogrammed its defenses, prompting the Maximals to retake it.)



Beast Wars: Transmetals (PSX)[]

Voice Actor: Alec Willows (English), ??? (Japanese)

In another alternate timeline, Transmetal Rhinox stayed behind at the Axalon as his fellow Maximals went to battle the Predacons.

Transformers Legends anthology[]

After Tankor's death, Rhinox' spark and consciousness were cleansed and rejoined the Matrix. When Megatron was defeated by Nightscream, Rhinox saw an opportunity to redeem the fallen tyrant, and attempted to act as a spirit guide. Rhinox led Megatron through the ascending layers of Transformer afterlife (which is actually a tree!), urging him to leave behind his fixation on worldly power. Megatron was briefly tempted, but his repeated returns to Cybertron (in Spark of Darkness) convinced him that godhood was still within his reach. Tapping into the power of the Oracle, Megatron erases Rhinox' spark, killing him utterly. Very upsetting.


Beast Wars[]

  • Rhinox (Deluxe, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: C-7
    • Accessories: Rotating mechanism, saw blade, two flails, sword
Rhinox transforms into a tan rhinoceros. In robot mode, his primary weapon is a spinning blade-gun/double mace-thing/lawn edge trimmer, though the television series liberally interpreted this weapon as a sort of gatling gun (the aforementioned "Chaingun of Doom"). His tail also detaches to become a blade.
The two panels mounted on either side of his head close together to form his 'mutant' battle mask.
The Takara release of Rhinox added a thick layer of gray paint to the beast-mode parts that faded to reveal the original tan towards the lower body. Why is uncertain, as this made him even less like his show coloration.
  • Rhinox vs Shadow Panther (Multi-pack, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: V-7
    • Accessories: Rotating mechanism, saw blade, two flails, sword
In Japan, Rhinox was available both in an individual release, and in a two-pack with the Predacon Shadow Panther.
  • Rhinox (Transmetal, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: C-44
    • Accessories: Horn dagger
Transmetal rhinox toy

No chain gun of doom? LAME!

For the Transmetals line of Beast Wars toys, Rhinox now transforms into a robotic rhinoceros. The rhino mode has fold-down skis in the front legs and tank treads in the rear legs so he can become a kind of snowmobile. In robot mode, he loses his projectile weapon, armed with only his blade, now formed out of his beast mode horn.
In the Hasbro line, early releases of the toy had a much paler aqua-colored chrome than later versions. Such chrome differences were seemingly common among the Transmetals, but the pale/rich-chrome Rhinoxes seem to be the most common and most likely intentional change.
The Takara release of Transmetal Rhinox has gold chrome instead of the aqua-blue and replaces the "RHINOX" tampograph with "CYBERTRON" and the Maximal faction sigil.
This mold was used to make Armada Rhinox.
  • Beast Wars (Fast food premium, 1998)

Merciful death.

Available only as part of a Hasbro-brand-names fast food promotion (which included miniature versions of other Hasbro properties like Mr. Potato Head), and labeled simply as "Beast Wars", this toy is an extremely simplified version of the Transmetal Rhinox toy, available only at participating Rally's and Checkers resturants.
Despite it being... well, look at it... it goes for mad money on the secondary market. Most people didn't realize the promotion even existed until after it was over, and the restaurant chain seems to be small and somewhat regional.
  • Rhinox (Deluxe, 1999)
    • Accessories: Rotating mechanism, saw blade, two flails, sword
Part of the first wave of "Fox Kids" redecoes , and exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores, this toy uses the original Rhinox mold in off-white and dark burgundy. Hasbro documents listed this toy as "Energon Surge Rhinox", a name that never made it to the final package.
  • Rhinox (Deluxe Transmetal, 2000)
    • Accessories: Horn dagger
Part of the last year of mass-retail Beast Wars product (sold concurrently with the early releases of Beast Machines), the Transmetal mold also got a "Fox Kids" redeco in mainly blue and gray—an interesting color choice, given that those are the show colors of Tankor, whom Rhinox would become. His chrome color was a pale green.
BW10Rhinox toy

"It's a danger to itself and everyone around it. It's best to put it into stasis lock, immediately." ...Jerk.

Beast Wars 10th Anniversary[]

  • Rhinox (Tenth Anniversary, 2006)
    • Accessories: Rotating mechanism, saw blade, two flails, sword
For the 10th Anniversary of Beast Wars, Hasbro redecoed the original 1996 Rhinox toy in more show-accurate colours, giving him a darker beast mode colour scheme, and painted gold details on his robot mode head, to more closely match the CGI model. They also tampographed a Maximal sigil on his beast mode's right foreleg.
Also included was the lower torso and right leg to Transmutate, and a DVD of the Beast Wars epsiode "The Spark".
This version of Rhinox is assembled with his shoulders on the wrong sides, so the screws that hold them together are visible from the front of the robot.


  • Dawn of Future's Past (Multi-pack, 2006)
Botcon Rhinox toy

"I only signed onto this crew so I could bulldoze some flowers *evil laugh*"

A redeco of Cybertron Landmine, "Axalon Rhinox" is one of five toys in BotCon 2006's Dawn of Future's Past box set. He transforms into a front-end loader, with pop-out blades in his rear tires that are revealed with the use of a Cyber Planet Key (or his Golden Disc Key, of course). This gimmick and his spring-loaded missile launcher are usable in both modes.
This set also included "Axalon" versions of Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap, and "Darksyde" Dinobot.
This mold was also used to make Grindcore.

Beast Wars Telemocha Series[]

Telemocha Rhinox

"They paved paradise and put up a parkin' lot." Rhinox cheered/booed.

  • Rhinox (Deluxe, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: TM-09
    • Accessories: Rotating mechanism, saw blade, two flails, sword
This figure has the same assembly problem as the 10th Anniversary version and also has the upper arms switched. It is the most show-accurate version of Rhinox in colors.


  • Rhinox (Voyager, 2014)
  • Accessories: "Chainguns of Doom"
this figure was real eased as part of the '"Thrilling 30"' line of Generations toys. Rhinox has had a major upgrade and is much more screen accurate. He still as the same problem in Beast mode that he had with his original toy however, that being not having much poseability in this mode. His Chainguns store in his abdomen.
In robot mode however, this is not true. His Maximal insignia is still printed on his forehead. He can hold his Chainguns in both of his hands. Though promotional an on box images show the blades of the guns as silver, they are actually the same color as his rhino mode's skin.


  • Rhinox (2004)
Hardhero rhinox

Flower-smelling/nature-hating, gentle/megalomaniacal, Maximal/Jerk.

In 2004, Hard Hero announced a line of Beast Wars statues, starting with Rhinox. As it turned out, Rhinox was the only one to be released.

Robot Heroes[]

  • Rhinox vs Waspinator (2008)


  • Megatron decided to reprogram Rhinox as a Predacon in the Beast Wars episode "Dark Designs". This turned out to be a bad idea, as his aggression circuits overloaded, and he tried to single-handedly over take the Preds as the new leader. Oddly, it is shown that Megatron learned nothing from this experience and later reprogrammed Rhinox as a Vehicon, only to yet again have him try to over take him. Except he programed Tankor in a way that made it impossible for him to cause Megatron harm, implying he did learn from his mistake in the episode "Dark Designs".
  • Fans have speculated that Rhinox's defection as Tankor was due to the Maximals reactivating Rhinox's core consciousness without deactivating the Tankor shell program, resulting in Tankor essentially being a reprogrammed Rhinox rather than Rhinox defecting on his own.
  • Rhinox's only weapons - besides his rather intimidating strength - are his twin chainguns, affectionately named "Chainguns of Doom" by the fans.
  • Fact: It took Rhinox five episodes to finally these freaking guns, and what guns they were.


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