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The name or term Rhinox refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rhinox (disambiguation).

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Specifics: comics, toy

Rhinox is a dedicated member of the Autobot cause, except when he's not. Sometimes he flies things.


Dreamwave comics continuity[]

Armada comic[]

Rhinox was an Autobot warrior, serving under Jetfire against the Decepticon occupation. Specifics of his service and abilities are unknown, except that he has headlights in beast mode. He was later shown as the main operator for the spacebridge to Cybertron. Worlds Collide, Part 3

During the battle with Unicron, Rhinox was abducted along with Cheetor, Airazor, and Terrorsaur so that the Chaos Bringer could cull their memories and learn what preceded his arrival. The End

Energon comic[]

Consumed by the will of Unicron, Rhinox went from being a dependable warrior to one of the Chaos Bringer's Four Horsemen - complete with a horse. They were sent to stall the Autobots on Cybertron, but were repelled by the Omnicons and Optimus Prime (who also smashed his face into paste) after he used the Spark of Combination. What Lies Beneath, Part 2

Armada cartoon[]


Unfortunately, this time Unicron could not be beaten with rock music.

During preparation for the final assault against Unicron, Rhinox was readying his Autobot fighter for launch. Mortal Combat

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

Rhinox is a reborn, multiverse-hopping Beast Wars Rhinox. Beast Wars Sourcebook

Note: This is an explanation for their similar bodies and identical names. (Transformers with similar bodies or identical names to other Transformers are a strange concept that need explanation. It certainly never happened in Armada.)





  • Rhinox w/ Armorhide (Super-Con, 2003)
    • Accessories: Tail/blade
Rhinox is a redeco and retooling of the Beast Wars Transmetal Rhinox figure, converting from an organic-ish robot to mechanical rhinoceros. He has a third transformation that flips ski-boards beneath his beast-mode forefeet and turns the hind-legs into tread assemblies. He was retooled not only to have Powerlinx plugs on the flanks of each rear beast-mode leg (which do not activate any gimmicks), but also to have a molded Autobot sigil in the space originally meant for an Energon chip within his chest.
He came with his partner Mini-Con Armorhide.

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