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Rewind is the undisputed trivia master of the Autobots. Whether in his robot mode or his mighty minicassette mode, he can store more data than even a floppy disk. Of course, he isn't terribly selective with the data he stores; he just gathers up every tidbit of information he can find, until it gives him a splitting electronic headache. As a result, while he would never lose on Jeopardy, he isn't always able to remember the useful things he knows until it's too late.

Ask him about New Jersey some time.

French-Canadian name: Mémorax


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Townsend Coleman (US), Yoku Shioya (Japan)
G1 ForeverIsALongTime Rewind dunno

"Hey, did you know that my toy has red eyes but Eject has orange eyes? Let me tell you more."

Rewind was either created or began partnering with Blaster sometime between 1986 and 2005. During the assault on Autobot City, Rewind and his fellow cassettes helped Blaster and Perceptor defend the communications tower. He got to shoot Ravage in the face a few times, which was fun. The Transformers: The Movie

He continued accompanying Blaster on missions for many years to come. While investigating chronal energy signals emanating from an asteroid near Cybertron, Rewind and the others were blasted back to the time of the First Great Cybertronian War. Rewind's vast knowledge of trivia had a chance to actually be relevant for once, but he really dropped the ball -- it was in his databanks somewhere but he couldn't quite... couldn't quite... be useful. Forever is a Long Time Coming

G1 MadmansParadise Rewind inscriptions

"Did you know that the names 'Rewind' and 'Eject' come from ACTUAL BUTTONS on a tape player? It's true, it's true!"

Rewind redeemed himself sometime later by providing narrative detail to Steeljaw's efforts to track the missing Daniel Witwicky. After uncovering a long-hidden chamber (right around the corner from the capital central of Cybertron, apparently), Rewind used the information in his databanks to translate the ancient Quintesson inscriptions on the walls, relating to Ultra Magnus and Blaster that the room was used for banishment, transporting violators to a variety of alternate dimensions as punishment for their crimes. After determining that the world of Menonia was where Daniel most likely went, Rewind accompanied the Autobots through the portal disk, and participated in the battle with Mara-Al-Utha, the Quintesson exile who had been cast out for practicing magic. Madman's Paradise

Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel UK future timelines

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

In 2008, Autobot City was blitzed by an attacking Quintesson force, and the city's crew -- including Blaster -- were deactivated and crucified on the front wall as a warning to all new arrivals. The Quintessons outsmarted themselves, however, as the remaining Autobots Hot Rod and Arcee were able to outmaneuver the occupying force and release Rewind and the other Cassettes from within Blaster's chest to help even the odds. Space Pirates!

Dreamwave comics continuity

G1Rewind MTMTE

"I'm not on mecha-steroids; I'm just drawn that way. True story."

Rewind was a frequent partner of Blaster throughout the millennia, serving under him and Perceptor during the Age of Internment, The War Within: The Age of Wrath and later working with Blaster as a part of Hot Rod and Kup's resistance movement when the Unified Cybertronian Government was corrupted from within by Shockwave. Countdown to Extinction


Generation One

  • Rewind & Steeljaw (Cassette 2-pack, 1986/1987)
  • Accessories: 2 "Adhesion Rifles"
G1Rewind toy

"Did you know that the cassette-formers are at 1:1 scale for microcassettes? True fact."

Rewind transforms from a humanoid robot to a micro-cassette and vice versa. He's designed to fit in Blaster's chest compartment, but he rattles around a little bit.
There are two notable variations of the Rewind toy. Some versions use gold-chromed weapons, while the more common versions use silver-chromed weapons. Also, some versions of Rewind have foil decals to give his "cassette side" its detailing, while others use tampographs. The foil decals cover the screws that hold the toy together. It is currently unknown if there is any correlation between the guns and detailing variations or not.
This mold was also used to make Eject, Flip Sides and Rosanna.
Rewind's toy has 19 moving parts, including shoulder pads that most people do not realize are adjustable.
Rewind's fists can not hold his weapons. Instead, they mount to the tape wheels inside his arms.
Rewind is held together with six screws, two metal bolts, and 11 plastic rivets.
Rewind spoke 17 lines of dialogue with 154 words in "Forever is a Long Time Coming".
  • Rewind (Cassettebot, 1986/1987)
  • Japanese ID number: C-67, C-118
  • Accessories: 2 "Adhesion Rifles"
In Japan, Rewind was only sold individually, with silver guns and sticker detailing.

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