This article is about the Decepticon Reverb. For the Autobot Mini-con, see Reverb (Cybertron).

Reverb is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film continuity family.


Reverb is a small Decepticon, and he is tired of all the others that keep reminding him of that. He is very fast though, and because of his small stature he can fit in places others can't, and cause havoc in Autobot systems. He still a worthy warrior, but easily defeated because of his lack of armour.




In Wendover, Utah, Soundwave has directed Strike team URSA, consisting of Reverb, Breakdown and Dirt Boss to an old scrap yard. In search of a certain something, they start tearing the place apart. Breakdown finds an entrance to lower levels, a red light starts flashing. Soundwave instructs them to evacuate. The place blows up.

A NEST cargo plane drops Ironhide and Sideswipe off. Sideswipe attacks Breakdown and slices him in half. Ironhide rams Reverb, crushing him. Dirt Boss attacks with his nail guns but NEST forces arrive, he has no choice but to surrender.

Titan Magazines

Rotf-1281448408 TFUK 2 16 p6.jpg

In Cairo, Egypt. Reverb has just escaped from the Decepticon prison complex set up by NEST. He is stopped by a huge fireball that ignites in front of him, Blazemaster appears through the flames. As he flies past, Reverb fires at Blazemaster, missing. Blazemaster launches a fire bomb, it blows out Reverb's front tire, making him lose control and smash through a wall. Blazemaster lands and transforms. Reverb was saved by NEST, who tell Blazemaster to let him go because there are too many humans in danger. Turn and Burn


  • Reverb (Scout, 2009)
Reverb is a racing re-paint of Knockout, with the number 97 and Galaxy racing printed on it. Like Deadlift is an homage to the Go-Bot Spoons, Reverb is an homage to the Renegade Go-Bot Dart.


  • Like Ransack, Reverb's IDW comic appearance differs greatly from the toy. In the comic, he has a more insect like look, instead of the humanoid look of the toy.
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