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Reverb is a Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Optimus Minor?

Reverb is one of the three members of the Recon Mini-Con Team. Originally hailing from Gigantion, he's the most adventurous of the three, but tends to get in over his head. He's been lost in time more than once in his life while traveling with Vector Prime.

Japanese name: Bumper


Cybertron cartoon continuity

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Cybertron Reverb toy

Minor God.

  • Recon Mini-Con Team (Scout-class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GC-07
Reverb transforms into a pickup truck of undetermined model, sold only in a three-pack with his Team-mates Jolt and Six-Speed. The Hasbro and Takara versions are slightly different, the primary change being differing paint applications; Hasbro Reverb has more deco on the robot-mode chest, painting nearly the whole chest orange rather than the more select details of the Takara version.
This mold was also used to make Plier and Rockslide.


  • Bumper (Micron Galaxy, 2005)
    • Micron Galaxy ID number: 2
Part of the "Micron Galaxy" assortment of candy toys for Galaxy Force, this version of Reverb comes with a small plank of chewing gum. Though the mold is largely identical to the normal retail version, it is in fact an entirely new tooling, most notably not being gang-molded with his teammates, but also contains a number of small differences. The most immediately noticeable among these are different wheels and blue-plastic biceps instead of black.


Cybertron ShadowRecon MiniCon team toys

Hey, where'd they go??

  • Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team (Scout class, 2006)
Part of the final wave of Cybertron Scouts, the Recon Team was entirely redecoed in clear-blue, clear-colorless, clear-black and opaque-black plastics, a "stealth" coloration. Reverb ended up primarily colorless-clear, with a little bit of opaque-black plastic.

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