The Revenge is a starship from the Generation One continuity family.
Galvatron ship

To infinity and beyoooond!

The Revenge is a mighty warship granted to Galvatron by Unicron. It has a pretty good success rate of blowing up Autobot shuttles.


The Transformers cartoon

Bridge - Galvatron's Ship

For a big ship, it sure looks cramped.

The Revenge was kept and probably created by Unicron when he reformatted Megatron into Galvatron, along with the creation of the Cyclonus, Scourge, the Sweeps & Cyclonus's Armada. The ship successfully shot down the Autobot shuttles piloted by both Ultra Magnus and Kup. TFTM

In the year 2006, the Revenge scored another victory against the Autobots by blasting Rodimus Prime's shuttle and forcing the crew to make an emergency landing at the Autobot Mausoleum. Dark Awakening

The ship was used by Scourge, Cyclonus, and a squad of Decepticons to pursue some wayward Autobots to the planet Nebulos. While parked there, it was destroyed by the newly created Autobot Headmasters. The Rebirth, Part 2


  • The ship is never given a name in the show, but Galvatron does refer to it as "The Mothership" at the start of The Rebirth, Part 1 episode.
  • The ship itself is rather large easily docking Cyclonus in his full fighter size and a small collection of Decepticons.
  • We do not actually see the ship created; it slips out of an opening near the equatorial section of Unicron. One guess is that Unicron collected this vessel from the countless of worlds he ate. He probably already had servants that needed transport (they probably failed Unicron or got eaten after they stopped being useful) and kept the vessel ready for such actions.
  • As it appears immediately after Unicron's statement "... Cyclonus, and his armada", it's possible the starship is considered as a set with Cyclonus(s) and the Sweeps.
  • It is consistent with other Decepticon ships in the G1 cartoon, in that it is completely purple and has a purple afterburner. Typical Decepticon color.
  • Among its arsenal are torpedoes, multiple cannons (presumably lasers), and moleculon missiles.

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