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Fun Pub Cybertron Comic > Issue #10
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A Mini-Con civil war erupts, and what Autobots remain on an abandoned Cybertron are called in for help.

Transformers Fanclub #10[]

Plot: Forest Lee, Dan Khanna
Script: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot
Lettering: Robbie Robbins
Colors: Rob Ruffolo


Gigacycles after the defeat of Ramjet, Sentinel Maximus is completing the repairs on Vector Sigma with help from Skyfall. Over-Run's quest to determine Skyfall's past has dug up a possible lead -- a carving found in the energon pools deep within Cybertron (where the combiner teams were dormant) at the end of the Powerlinx Battles shows a robot who looks similar to Skyfall and an unidentified robot. This carving would suggest that Skyfall is 20 million cycles old, nearly as old as Vector Prime.

This revelation was interrupted by an emergency call from Anti-Blaze of the Mini-Con Council of Sages. A war has erupted between two factions of Mini-Cons on the moons orbitting Cybertron. The Autobots agree to help, and Sentinel Maximus, Omega Prime, Skyfall, and Downshift arrive in the debris field between the two moons, where they meet up with Anti-Blaze, Checkpoint, Scythe, and Perceptor.

Intelligence shows a cannon being constructed that is aimed at the Mini-Cons' primary colony on one of the moons, guarded by a Decepticon, Landquake. Sentinel Maximus and Skyfall are sent to deal with the seemingly lone Decepticon while the others take out the energon tanks which power the cannon. Skyfall confronts Landquake, who resembles the unidentified robot from the energon pool carving.

Meanwhile, Soundwave and Unicron watch from the shadows, particularly interested in the meeting of these two Transformers.


  • Landquake is depicted with a blue energon weapon (the toy's weapon is red).
  • Over-Run's name is spelled Overrun.
  • Whose side is Monocle on?

Items of note[]

  • This issue is the first fictional affirmation of the brewing Mini-Con conflict as written in the on-package bios for Cybertron's Mini-Con 2-packs.
  • Vector Prime's age is 25 million years.
  • Downshift is in his new Cybertron-series body. Back in Revelations, Part 2, Downshift is told by a repair drone that the damage to his Energon-series body requires a full reformatting.
  • A Mini-Con battle scene is depicted, but due to the red-saturated nature of the coloring, it's difficult to confirm which characters are involved. (There are way too many Mini-Con redecos.) At the very least, it appears to be a battle between the evil forces of:
and the remaining pieces of
  • Monocle
  • Runway
  • several other various limbs and torsos
  • The Decepticon-aligned Mini-Cons are carrying green energon weapons.
  • Unicron is the same size as Soundwave -- in other words, he's normal Transformer height, rather than planetoid-sized.

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