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Soundwave and Laserbeak have dark designs for the Dead Matrix.

Transformers Fanclub #9[]

Plot: Forest Lee, Dan Khanna
Script: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot
Lettering: Robbie Robbins
Colors: Rob Ruffolo


Standing outside the Iacon Archives, Soundwave summons Laserbeak and orders it to retrieve the Dead Matrix. Laserbeak enters stealth mode and successfully retrieves it.

After travelling to the Unicron Singularity, Soundwave alters the Dead Matrix's wave harmonics and throws it into the black hole. Immediately, a glowing lifeforce emerges and greets Soundwave. Soundwave addresses his lord before it travels 700 lightyears away to a nearby planet named Yst. As the lifeforce penetrates the planet, it narrates its agenda, explaining at length who it is. Yst explodes into chaos and war as the inhabitants begin to tear each other apart. This culminates in the planet's destruction.

Amidst the debris, Unicron is reborn.


  • The Dark Matrix was miscolored to look like Big Convoy's Matrix, which is gold and red.

Items of note[]

  • Soundwave officially makes his first fictional appearance as a follower of Unicron.
  • Soundwave in isolation behaves more like the G1 version of the character. His profile entry, included in the same issue, notes that his show persona is an affect he puts on for others due to socialization issues.
  • It is unknown just how long there was between Unicron's arrival on Yst and its destruction. Assuming that it all still takes place within the timeframe of the Cybertron cartoon's events, it's likely only a few days.
  • Unicron is shown as a small orb before entering the planet and his new form is simply shown against debris from that planet with nothing to determine scale or perspective. It is unknown whether he is now tank-size or returned to planet-size.
  • Soundwave, while throwing the Dark Matrix into the anomaly, is described and depicted as standing right in the event horizon of the black hole. This would be difficult with real physics, but the cartoon already threw that out the window, so oh well.
  • Soundwave's color scheme is based upon the animated series CGI model and his Takara release, rather than the Hasbro version's appearance.

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