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Fun Pub Cybertron Comic > Issue #8
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Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus explain where they came from, and Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus' unknown ally is revealed.

Transformers Fanclub #8[]

Plot: Forest Lee, Dan Khanna
Script: Forest Lee
Pencils: Dan Khanna
Inks: Terry Pallot
Lettering: Robbie Robbins
Colors: Rob Ruffolo


Weary, Vector Prime enters the Chamber of Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion himself is still in the repair bay where Vector Prime had previously left him. Vector Sigma sits crumbled in the center of the chamber. He orders Downshift to put Skyfall on the table so that the repair drones can repair him. Skyfall is muttering in Ancient Cybertronian.

Optimus Prime, Sentinel Maximus, and Ultra Magnus enter the chamber, and remark at Vector Prime's state of disrepair. (The explosion of Skyfall's force field bubble damaged them both.) Sentinel Maximus asks how Optimus and Magnus got here.

We see a flashback, taking place in an alternate universe. We see Optimus Primal leading the Children of Primus against the Minions of Unicron in the Pit. Primal's team consists of Cheetor, Tap-Out, Longhorn, Rhinox, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Fireflight, Omega Prime, Whirl, Repugnus, Trailbreaker, King Atlas, Roulette, Prowl, and Side Burn. Razorclaw leads the opposition, consisting of Reptilion, Tankor, Skywarp, Obsidian, Nemesis Strika, and possibly Blackarachnia.

During the middle of this battle, due to the Unicron Singularity's effects on the multiverse, Unicron began to fall apart underneath them. The Minions of Unicron were left to their doom while Primal's team (including Blackarachnia, carried away by Silverbolt), gather themselves and head for an escape portal. Omega Prime expected to find himself on "Primal's technorganic Cybertron" on the other side of the portal, but instead found himself here, in the Unicron Trilogy universe.

(Yes, the flashback described in the previous two paragraphs gave us a glimpse at the end of the never-completed Transformers Universe comics.)

Downshift is surprised to hear that this guy is "Optimus Prime." He doesn't look like the Optimus Prime he knows. Vector Prime is saddened, as Optimus' dimension-hopping tale confirms his fears. The Unicron Singularity, the black hole hovering over Cybertron, is causing the fabric of the multiverse to go wonky. All Unicrons everywhere are now trapped inside it. The past, present, and future are beginning to unravel. It could even explain those pesky memory problems the Autobots searching in this universe for the Cyber Planet Keys are experiencing.

Vector Prime pleads with Sentinel Maximus to take Skyfall far away and keep him safe, and disappears in a flash of light. Where did he go?, they ask. A disembodied voice says that it can answer that question.

The voice belongs to the Mini-Con leader Over-Run, who speaks through Vector Sigma. He is Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus' unknown ally who turned on the autoguns at the Kalis Energy Reserve Center. Downshift thinks he remembers him, but thought he died. Over-Run notes that he did indeed, but the Decepticon Starscream had killed him while the Mini-Con was uploading himself to the Planetary Network. His death finished the process.

(Yes, again, this flashback takes place in the unfinished Energon comics from Dreamwave. We sense a trend here.)

Overrun asks them to do him a favor, now that Vector Prime, weakened severely, is back on Earth. (We see Vector Prime with Coby, Lori, and Bud, the kids from the Cybertron television series. Sentinel Maximus is asked to help repair Vector Sigma. Optimus and Magnus are sent to secure the Dead Matrix in the Rare Items Locker at the Archives.

As they start this task, a shadowy figure watches them from afar.


  • Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus appear to be in their original Robots in Disguise colors now. They were in their Costco Cybertron exclusive colors before.
  • In the first Universe flashback panel, Cheetor is colored in white and black. Rhinox appears to be in black and gold.
  • Due to the coloring, it's kind of hard to tell whether it's Roulette or Shadow Striker that King Atlas is carrying. Rhinox is still in grays.
  • Over-Run, in his flashback, is green for some reason.
  • Lori's hair is colored sandy blonde when it should be black. Coby's hair is platinum blond when it should be sandy blonde. Bud's hair is black when it should be platinum blonde.

Items of note[]

  • As mentioned above, this comic depicts events that take place in the Universe and Energon comics, both recently unfinished series. Fanwank-o-rama.
  • In the flashback, Optimus Primal is in his Beast Wars Tenth Anniversary body. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are both back in their original Generation One bodies. It's possible Longhorn is a new form for Wreckers' Ramulus, due to his prominent placement.
  • Rhinox is fighting Tankor, which is pretty cool, if you think about it.
  • Vector Prime says the black hole seems to be causing memory problems with the Autobots. This, uh, appears to be an explanation for all the continuity errors between Energon and Cybertron's television series present in the dubbing.
  • And yet, Downshift seems to remember events which apparently happened in the comic book version of Energon. Uh. Fans have heard rumors that the Cybertron cartoon may be meant to take place after the Energon comic instead of the cartoon. Dark Scorponok's packaging bio may be support for this idea, as it mentions a death for him that occurred in the comic, not the cartoon.
  • When Vector Prime is seen with the children, they are investigating an Atlantis pattern found on a rock.
  • Outside the entrance to the Archives are statues of Generation One Grimlock and Jetfire.
  • The drone robot that is reparing Sentinel Maximus while Alpha Trion's body is being loaded into the repair chamber is designed after the repair drone inside of G1 Optimus Prime's trailer.

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