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Revelation EJ covers

Destruction at its most beautiful.

The Transformers: Revelation is the follow-up miniseries to IDW Publishing's The Transformers: Devastation. Beginning in June, 2008, Revelation series is played out through four Spotlight format issues, focusing on Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe. This four-parter marked the Autobots' confrontation with the Dead Universe Cybertronians and the end of the "-tion" series "for the foreseeable". [1] It had previously been hinted that the following volume would be titled The Transformers: Expansion, but writer Simon Furman now states that "the stuff [he] had (mentally) prepared for Expansion may still happen, just later or in a different form. [2] IDW solicitations have confirmed that these four Spotlight issues will be in addition to the normal Spotlight series, with the first issue arriving the same month as Spotlight: Wheelie.

The four Spotlights were to be issues #23–26 in the IDW overarching "sub-numbering", the only Spotlights to be incorporated in this way, though the sub-numbering has since been abandoned.

The Transformers: Revelation issues:
Spotlight: Cyclonus|Spotlight: Hardhead|Spotlight: Doubledealer|Spotlight: Sideswipe

Preceded by: Devastation
Followed by: Maximum Dinobots


Spotlight: Cyclonus

Spotlight: Hardhead

Spotlight: Doubledealer

Spotlight: Sideswipe

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Creative team

The creative team from Infiltration, Escalation and through Devastation (writer Simon Furman and penciller E. J. Su) again worked on Revelation, though Su only illustrated Cyclonus and Sideswipe and provided a connecting cover for all four. Nick Roche, who also drew a cover for each issue, penciled and inked Hardhead, while Dan Khanna penciled Doubledealer (with inks by Frank Milkovich and Robert Atkins). Kris Carter was the colorist for Cyclonus and Hardhead, Liam Shalloo for Doubledealer, and E. J. Su colored Sideswipe himself.


  • IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall made the decision to tie up the -ation run short here, explaining it as a basic business strategy for comics: "it's like any book on the market--sales start at a point and then they slowly dip until things are done to re-invigorate them... the reality is that sales numbers need to stay steady for a book to stay on the market. This isn't to say that things were by any means dire--they weren't at all--but we do need to occasionally mix things up so people don't just take a book for granted." [1]


  • The Transformers: Revelation TPB (Release date and ISBN unknown)
Bonus material unknown.


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