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The Return of Convoy toyline was introduced in Japan in 1991 as a continuation of the main Generation One toyline. The lineup consisted of 16 sets, all Autobots. All except Grandus and Sixliner came with a Micro Trailer. The W Teams were made up of two pairs of Micromaster Combiners, as opposed to the three pairs included with the US Combiner Squads.("W" for "double"...get it?)

Micromaster Bases

Micromaster Teams

Micro Trailer

  1. Big Truck Team
  2. Hot Rod Team
  3. Military Team
  4. Shuttle Rocket W Team
  5. Fire Tanker W Team
  6. Radar Hover W Team
  7. Dump Shovel W Team
  8. Crane Cannon W Team
  9. Jet Tank W Team
  10. Rescue Patrol Team
  11. Battle Patrol Team
  12. Super Car Patrol Team


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