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Return of Convoy was the fifth Japanese-exclusive Transformers franchise, released in 1991. Following on from Transformers: Zone in 1990.

The franchise featured the following two components:

  • A toyline, consisting of most of the toys released in Hasbro markets in 1987, with several additional new figures.
  • The Battlestars manga special.
  • A series of story pages.

This franchise is notable for being the first Japanese series not to have any corresponding animation. Neither would the next franchise, Operation Combination.


Return of Convoy continued the storyline of the animated continuity, picking up where Zone left off, but was never actually animated. Instead, the story was told through a single issue of manga and story pages.

The Return of Convoy storyline revolved around the return of Optimus Prime as Star Convoy and his battle against Dark Nova and the resurrected Super Megatron.