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Retrax is a decent warrior, using his pill bug mode to overpower his enemies. He specializes in desert demolitions and lives in tunnels under the desert, which keep him cool. His companions are the remains of his enemies. He is a coward at heart, however, and at the slightest hint of being overwhelmed will bounce to safety in his "bug ball" along one of his many pre-determined escape routes.

Italian name: Tenax[1]


IDW Beast Wars comics

IDW Retrax

Okay, so what the hell kind of pillbug is green and yellow and has spikes, anyways?

Retrax was one of the protoforms jettisoned by the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request. The newly born Predacon quickly joined Magmatron. He was sent to hunt down the Maximals that Razorbeast had also awakened.

While investigating a swampy area with Transquito, Powerpinch, Scourge, and Insecticon, Retrax was attacked by Poison Bite. Several other Predacons were taken down by the Mutants, who declared that no Maximal or Predacon was welcome in their home.

Retrax survived the stinkin' muties' attack and later joined Manterror and Snapper in creating a distraction so Ravage's main Predacon force could attack the Maximals. When faced with Grimlock, Retrax chose to curl up into a ball and bounce away to safety, rather than engage the Maximal raptor directly.


Beast Wars

  • Retrax (Deluxe, 1997)
Retrax transforms into a dark translucent green (dark enough that it appears black to a casual observer), yellow, and white organic pill bug. His transformation process is simple, considering all of his robot mode components are jammed underneath one plate of armor. Per his alt mode, the toy can be rolled around like a ball. The spring-activated gimmick that curls up his insect mode can also be used to make his arms snap together in robot mode, grasping his target in a bearbug hug (bugbear hug?)—or just clapping.

This toy has often been criticized for its inaccuracy to a real pillbug and heavy use of gimmickry.

This mold was also redecoed into Powerhug.


  1. This name may have only been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. However, a carded example of trilingual European English/Spanish/Italian Retrax has not been found at this time, so this is uncertain.

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