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Whilst Optimus Prime brings new life to the Autobots on Cybertron, Lord Straxus faces down Megatron.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 103 - 104
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Marvel UK issues #103 - 104[]

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Will Simpson (103), Jeff Anderson (104)
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Colours: Steve White
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Originally published: 28 February - 7 March 1987; Cover date ("off sale") 7–14 March 1987


On Cybertron Octane delivers a report about an Autobot attack on an Energon Cube transference station, led by Optimus Prime and the Wreckers. Octane states he threw himself into battle whilst other Decepticons were unnerved, but the sheer weight of numbers overwhelmed him. The Autobots took the cubes and slaves with them.

In actual fact Octane tried to run like a coward and tripped over a fuel pipe, smashing into a wall.

Straxus is not fooled by Octane's report but the more important matter is that Optimus Prime's return has led to numerous successful attacks by the Autobot resistance. Straxus curses both Prime and Megatron for bringing him here.

Straxus recalls the recent events of Prime and Megatron being thrown over the space bridge The Harder They Die!, Prime being nearly executed as an imposter Under Fire! but successfully proving his identity. Distant Thunder!

As well as a renewed spirit in the Autobots, Straxus is also facing the problem of an unstable Megatron. Ratbat arrives, reporting how Megatron nearly tore two guards apart for betting on where Prime would strike next, and agrees that Megatron is becoming even more of a menace. Straxus declares he must act now and his technicians report that they have finished constructing a device.

Meanwhile, in Iacon the Autobots are holding a rally celebrating the return of Optimus Prime. However Prime himself announces that he will soon have to return to Earth to tackle the Decepticons there, as otherwise they will have an unlimited source of fuel and will triumph on Cybertron. However he states he will return again to lead the Autobots to their final victory. At a private meeting afterwards Emirate Xaaron unsuccessfully tries to convince Prime to stay. Prime also dismisses the offer of Ultra Magnus to come to Earth as well, even though the latter previously helped defeat Galvatron. Target: 2006

Galvatron has returned! This news is being discussed by the Autobots on Earth, now that Perceptor, Blaster and the other arrivals from Cybertron have reached the Ark. They detail their encounter and how the Dinobots saved them. Fallen Angel This makes Ironhide especially frustrated as the Dinobots' power is now needed the most, because the Autobots believe Optimus Prime is dead.

But Optimus Prime is very much alive, as Straxus reminds Megatron. He suggests Megatron return to Earth in the hope that Prime will follow. But Megatron gets angry and threatens to smash Straxus's life support machine and crush his head. Straxus decides to act. As his device blasts Megatron, he declares that they will be swapping bodies and then he will terminate Megatron completely. Megatron struggles as the device continues to blast him.

Finally the body of Megatron rises and smashes the life support machine then crushes the head of Straxus. Octane pulls a gun and asks if that is Straxus in there. Megatron's body declares that Megatron is dead and Straxus lives on!

On Earth the Autobots have buried what they believe is the body of Optimus Prime (but is in fact a Facsimile Construct), in accordance with Earth tradition in honour of Prime's actions in saving many humans. Blaster whispers to Perceptor that he would rather the body was blasted into space in accordance with Cybertronian tradition, but Perceptor responds that the Autobots who decided on this course of action had spent the last few years fighting alongside Prime and said it was what he would have wanted.

What Optimus Prime wants is Megatron's head. He sends the Wreckers on a diversion to draw the Decepticon guards to the fuel store, so that he and Ultra Magnus can invade Polyhex.

Inside Polyhex the body of Megatron sits on a throne, racked by confusion. First he thinks he is Megatron, then he thinks he is Straxus. He thinks back to the mind transfer, first thinking it was a failure, then it was a success. The two personalities conflict inside his mind. Megatron/Straxus regains a sense of purpose when Ratbat reports an Autobot attack, but the cunning bat rapidly deduces that the experiment has only succeeded in creating a dual minded being.

Megatron/Straxus wanders through the base, trying to remember recent events, but only recalling a battle with Optimus Prime. Prey! Suddenly he is attacked by Prime and Magnus, the latter who feels he has a chance to redeem his failure to save Impactor Target: 2006. The two Autobots subdue Megatron/Straxus, who responds by triggering his little used power of anti-matter, triggering a big explosion. Monitoring the battle from elsewhere in the base Ratbat realises that if unchecked Megatron/Straxus will destroy them all. He orders Octane to programme the space bridge to materialise inside the base itself and it does so, sending Prime, Megatron and Magnus to Earth. Ratbat turns to see that the Predacons have just returned to Cybertron, as Shockwave has deduced this is where Prime and Megatron will have come. Razorclaw realises that if Megatron is back on Earth then Shockwave is probably as good as dead.

All three Transformers materialise in different places. Megatron arrives at the Decepticon coal mine base and merely berates Shockwave for doing nothing in his absence. Soundwave discreetly reads Megatron's mind and notes that the entire incident with the Predacons has been erased by amnesia stemming from the two conflicting personalities. Shockwave realises he is back to square one but there will be another time...

Optimus Prime materialises by his grave stone, of which he approves. He starts to answer the Autobots' questions.

Ultra Magnus finds himself alone in woods. He realises he will have a chance to explore as he seeks the Ark - a prospect he likes.


  • Outback's wound in the flashback is on the right side of his body, not the left.
  • Ultra Magnus's shoulder rockets appear and disappear across different panels in both parts.
  • Soundwave's shoulder cannon also vanishes in his brief appearance in part two.
  • Even Bumblebee's horns are not immune.

Items of note[]

  • Tailgate makes a cameo in the audience on Cybertron. He would not appear in full until Underworld! in issue #245.
  • Optimus Prime's real funeral in Funeral for a Friend! would see his body blasted into space, as Blaster preferred. This may be the result of an off panel request between the two stories, but alternatively one of the minor continuity divergences between the US and UK stories at this time is that in the US continuity many of the original Autobots are assumed to have been non-functional since Prime Time! but many have been seen to be still functioning in the UK stories.
  • With the loss of Straxus, Ratbat begins his rapid ascent up the ranks of the Decepticons without ever needing to assassinate a predecessor.
  • A new perspective on this issue is given in the later story Two Megatrons! which details Project Re-Birth and gives rise to one of the biggest continuity nightmares in the comic.


  • This issue was reprinted in issues #229-232 of the UK comic and the Titan Books trade paperback "Prey".