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Rescue Roy is a 1-2-3 Transformer semi-related to the Go-Bots continuity.

Rescue Roy is the most awesome thing ever. A big friendly robot firetruck, he's always ready to help people in need and teach kids how to be awesome.

"We'll blast the red stuff with the wet stuff!"
―One of the many quote spouted electronically by the Rescue Roy toy

Japanese name: Roy



1-2-3 Transformers

  • Rescue Roy (Ultra 1-2-3 Transformer, 2001)
A red, grey, and black fire engine with electronic phrases, sounds, and flashing lights. Push the siren/light on the cab/chest to make his lights flash and to make him say one of a combination of phrases; push the button behind his head in vehicle mode to make him say even more phrases/make different sound effects; and finally, push the button on his back to activate his wings/flying sound effects. He was slightly redecoed (and had his electronics removed) upon his release in Japan.

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