This article is about the Takara Micromaster team from Victory. For the Hasbro Micromaster team, see Rescue Patrol.

The Rescue Patrol Team is a team of Autobot Micromasters from the later Japanese portions of the Generation One continuity family.
Zone rescueteam

The Rescue Patrol of America...versus the Legion of Doom!

The Rescue Patrol Team consists of


Victory anime

Victory cartoon

Holi was stationed at the Galactic Defense Force headquarters on planet V, where he was a close friend of Jean Minakaze The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber. He travelled with Star Saber to Earth; later, in response to increasing Decepticon activity, Star Saber called in the rest of the team to help with rescue operations. Minutes after arrival, they were sent on their first mission, to rescue humans under threat from Leozack and the Dinoforce Move Out! Rescue Team

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Zone OVA, manga and story pages

When Victory Saber initiated the "Zone Project", the Rescue Patrol helped rebuild planet Micro into planet Zone. To counter this threat, Violen Jiger began conquering planets in order to create his own Decepticon Zone. The Race Car Patrol and all other Micromaster teams were then sent on patrol across the galaxy, specifically to planets where their unique skills could do the most good. Zone Part 1

When Bruticus attacked the planet Feminia, the Rescue Patrol were among several units of Micromasters deployed to stop him. Through teamwork, they proved triumphant. Zone Part 2

When the Nine Great Demon Generals attacked planet Feminia en masse, the Rescue Patrol Team helped evacuate the planet of as many lifeforms as possible. However, they were unable to save Victory Saber, who sacrificed himself to rescue the last of the humans. The Rescue Patrol were later seen cleaning up the Zone Base on planet Zone after another attack by the Demon Generals. Still later, they could be seen celebrating when Victory Saber (who was rescued by the Powered Masters) inaugurated Dai Atlas as new Supreme Commander. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! Zone

When the Powered Masters flew off to the Tenth Planet for their showdown with Violen Jiger, all the Micromaster teams took command of Zone and vowed to keep it safe in their Commander's absence. Zone Part 10



  • Rocket Base (Micro Transformer base, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-330
Despite being prominent characters in the Victory anime, the Rescue Patrol Team was first made available packed in with Moonradar and the Rocket Base. Also despite their Victory animated coloration, they are identical to the Hasbro Rescue Patrol, transforming into a variety of rescue vehicles.
  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micromaster team, 1990)
Japanese ID number: C-331
The Rescue Patrol Team was also released by itself alongside the Rocket Base.

Return of Convoy

  • Rescue Patrol Team (Micro Trailer team, 1991)
Japanese ID number: C-373
The Rescue Patrol Team was again released a year later without alteration as part of the Return of Convoy line. The only difference is with the inclusion of Micro Trailer # 10, an accessory that uses a spring-loaded mechanism to launch Micromasters, and can also be carried by Sky Garry or stored within Grandus.

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