This article is about the Hasbro Micromaster team. For the Takara Micromaster team from Victory, see Rescue Patrol Team.

The Rescue Patrol is a team of Autobot Micromasters from the Generation One continuity family.

The Rescue Patrol consists of


Generation One Marvel comics continuity

Note: events from Marvel UK are in italics.

The Rescue Patrol were one of the first Micromaster teams, and were part of a three-team mission to destroy the Battle Patrol so the Decepticons couldn't gain Micromaster technology. They disobeyed orders and rescued their comrades instead. A Small War!

Seawatch would end up cornered by a gang of Decepticons and witnessed their death at the hands of Demons. The trauma took him offline, and Fixit reluctantly restarted him to find out what he'd seen. Demons! Seawatch got past his shellshock quite fast.

They were later sent as reinforcements to Earth alongside the Classic Pretenders, but their journey via Trans-time portal was disrupted by the Mayhem Attack Squad and they instead ended up at the centre of Cybertron. Yesterday's Heroes! Here, they saw the face of Primus, witnessed a retelling of Cybertron's creation, and fought the Mayhems (Seawatch got to totally beat up Bludgeon but couldn't stop Primus being awoken and Unicron being alerted to Cybertron's location. They arrived on Earth following this Primal Scream

They were assigned to capture Decepticon assassin Whisper and on Christmas Eve 1989, the Rescue Patrol cornered him. Their battle against the Air Strike Patrol was called off by Optimus to prevent damage to the environment. The Greatest Gift Of All!

Fixit was later serving as medical officer on the Ark in the absence of Ratchet and First Aid. It was he who carried out the operation to separate a fused Ratchet from Megatron. The Price of Life!


Generation One

  • Rescue Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)

The Rescue Patrol were sold in a carded 4-pack.

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