When the Rescue Bots have a fire on their hands, their first line of defense is the Rescue Hose, a self-propelled water cannon that can blast through danger with ease.


  • Cody Burns & Rescue Hose (2011)
The Rescue Hose consists of a large water cannon mounted to a reverse tricycle chassis. The included Cody Burns figure can stand on the platform (there's a peg where his left foot would go); his arms are molded so that his left hand is reaching for the yellow lever on top and his right hand is secured on the handle bars.
Pushing the yellow lever forward and letting it go will cause the blue water spray in front of the cannon to spin around, giving the appearance of the water actively being sprayed. Pressing down on the water cannon assembly will cause it to collapse and a handle to emerge from the bottom. The Rescue Bots can use this handle to wield the now-collapsed Rescue Hose like a water sprayer.
  • Fire Station Prime (playset 2011)
The Wal-Mart "bonus pack" version of this playset contains the Rescue Hose, the Cody Burns figure from the carded two-pack, and the Cody Burns figure that originally came with the playset. Have fun force-building Cody Burns figures, kids.
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