The Rescue Force is a team of Autobots from the Generation One continuity family.
Rescue force

I'm the most important guy without a name!

The Autobot Rescue Force is an elite team of search-and-rescue robots.

Well, okay, they're search-and-rescue. Their eliteness is just one of many, many, many things about them that have yet to be established.

We do know that among its members are a jet, an off-road buggy, a drill tank, and a claw-armed tank.


Generation One

The Rescue Force are redecoes of four out of the six Japanese Breastforce Liokaiser components, but without their breastplate-partners and other weapons (and in the jet's case, no super-robot head). New weapons were cast for each one. All four Rescue Force vehicles came on the same cardback, without any form of individual identifier. They were only available in European markets in 1992, alongside similarly-individually-nameless releases of the Constructicons.
The new weapons were cast in both red and silver plastics. It is unknown which color -if either- is the more uncommon version. Each one also had a different face color; though it isn't compeltely confirmed, the earlier versions has the same color faces as the toys' original Breastforce incarnations, but later releases replaced this with a uniform silver paint.
Since the toys' combination gimmick is built-in rather than needing extra parts, you can attach them... but you end up with an armless robot whose head is nothing more than a mouthplate. Which is kinda funny, admittedly.
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