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The Rescue Bot Training Center is a large facility located mostly underground. It sports a massive reconfigurable Rescue Arena and simulation gymnasium nicknamed "Hero Hall" for training purposes, which incorporate a weather machine and access to an underground river. Above ground, the base's hangar disguise can transform into a Cybertronian building topped with a helicopter pad, although a holographic disguise still keeps it hidden from unsuspecting humans. The Center is run by a hi-tech computer with a hologram of scientist Elma Hendrickson, and also has a GroundBridge linked to Griffin Rock.


Transformers: Rescue Bots 

"Plus One"

The initial plans for the base came from Optimus Prime. Stage one of the work required building the GroundBridge, and Graham and Boulder also visited the Hall of Inspiration to check out the architecture section. New Normal With Doc Greene's help, they constructed the Griffin Rock end of the Groundbridge while Salvage and Blurr built the other end. Bridge Building New arrival Quickshadow also joined in working with the pair on the mainland to construct the base. 

"The More Things Change..."

The big day finally arrived, and the center was finally transformed with great ceremony, though Blades was disappointed at the turnout for his housewarming party. The team became aware that all was not as it should be — the Center's computer locked the base down, disabling travel through the GroundBridge, and the holograms disguising the center began to fail. 

"The More Things Stay the Same"

While Boulder and Graham attempted to debug the computer system, the rest of the team tried to escape the base so they could repair the holographic cloak. Despite the best efforts of the computer to hinder them, they managed to succeed, and Cody also realized that CeCe Greene's security scan had been mistakenly been uploaded into the computer's personality, resulting in it exhibiting childlike behavior. 

"Uninvited Guest"

When Bumblebee crashed his ship at the Training Center, he also accidentally brought a small Energon eater which escaped into the center's air ducts. The Rescue Bots managed to chase it down, with Bumblebee and Blades capturing it before it could do too much damage. 


The Morocco virus took over the center's mainframe, turning the Elma Henrickson hologram into a Doctor Morocco hologram and giving him access to all of its technology. Heatwave blew up the center's GroundBridge, destroying Morocco's MorBot. Upgrades Morocco survived and used the center's 3D printer to create Scrubbers which repaired the GroundBridge and MorBot. The Rescue Team were only able to retake the center when Professor Baranova and Blurr reached it by land, bringing in Graham, Boulder and Chase to help them de-virus the mainframe. Heatwave and Kade were later posted to the center on a permanent basis to train new recruits. 

Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy 

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