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Rescue Bots are an Autobot sub-group of specialized Cybertronian operatives who perform search-and-rescue operations presumably during the Great War.

Since Cybertron had gone dark, only a small team of them remained and were ordered by Optimus Prime to help a human team of search and rescue workers and serve and protect the people of Griffin Rock.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Family of Heroes"


Rescue Force Sigma-17 was traveling as protoforms in stasis aboard their spacecraft when their ship's computer intercepted a general communication from Optimus Prime intended for all Autobots. Cybertron had fallen, but the Autobots still stood, and any scattered Autobots were given a priority prime order to rendezvous on Earth. Their ship's computer automatically responded by traveling to Earth and awakening Rescue Force Sigma-17. Optimus Prime was there to greet them and give them the news that they were the only known Rescue Force still active, that Cybertron Headquarters was no longer in operation, and Autobots lived on Earth now instead of Cybertron.

After deliberating on the matter, Optimus Prime gave the team their new orders. They were to covertly live with a human family to learn from them and keep the planet safe. Heatwave resisted the idea, so Optimus Prime appointed him team leader of the Rescue Bots


Human teammates

Burns family


  • Axel Frazier
  • Jack Tracker/Billy Blastoff
  • Sawyer Storm
  • Walker Cleveland
  • Sparkplug