Rescue! Gaihawk is the sixteenth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on August 08, 1989 on Nippon TV.



The Breastforce seek to expand their ranks when they attack a prison in order to free their old comrade, Gaihawk.


After Hellbat's recent attack on planet Micro, Star Saber checks in with Blacker for an update on Decepticon activity on Earth. Blacker reports that although there has been a random, unfocused attack by the Dinoforce, there have been no sightings of the other Breastforce members. This, we soon learn, is because the Breastforce are all also on Micro, stewing aboard the Thunder Arrow and grumbling about Hellbat's self-serving scheming. Although Drillhorn, Jarugar and Killbison are all in favour of disposing of Hellbat, Leozack silences them with the reminder that they are about to get a new comrade, which will enable them to better keep an eye on the sneak. Hellbat chooses this moment to return to the Thunder Arrow, and is promptly accosted by his teammates and grilled over his recent operation with Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow. Luckily for him, he is able to weasel out of trouble by appealing to Leozack's sense of treachery and claiming that he was attempting to acquire a personal supply of energy for the Breastforce that would enable Leozack to attain his dream of one day overthrowing Deathsaurus. With that matter dealt with, he announces the Breastforce's latest plan—an attack on planet Micro's maximum security lunar prison, to free their old comrade, Gaihawk.

A little later, a crippled shuttlecraft appears in the sky above the prison, repeatedly issuing a mayday. The prison staff decide to let it land, but as the shuttle touches down and scrapes along the macadam, it suddenly explodes, destroying the bridge which connects the prison to the mainland. As the prison drifts off across the sea of lava upon which it floats, the Breastforce make their move, having escaped the shuttle before its detonation. As the tremors of the explosion reverberate through the prison, Gaihawk realizes that his teammates have finally arrived. Guards rush to fend off the Breastforce's attack, but they are sorely outmatched, and it is decided to move Gaihawk to a more secure location. Unfortunately, the villain is prepared, and cuts down the contingent of guards who come to move him with a concealed blade.

News of the attack quickly reaches the Autobots down on Micro, and Star Saber instructs Holi to search for Greatshot while he and the other Rescue Team members head to the moon. Their arrival is observed by Hellbat, who quickly informs the other Breastforcers and leaves them to battle the Autobot leader while he ventures into the prison to find Gaihawk. Hellbat hypnotises the guards and frees the entire prison, sending them out to fight the Autobots, but as he thinks out loud about the jeopardy that the arrival of Gaihawk will place his position in the Breastforce in, Gaihawk himself arrives. Blustering to hide his scheming, Hellbat hugs Gaihawk, who hurls him off and demands to be taken to the energy room.

Outside, Star Saber struggles with Killbison and Leozack, but just as he gets the upper hand, the escaped prisoners appear, tipping the side in evil's favor. Watching the whole scene through a grating in the floor, meanwhile, are Greatshot and Holi, who are sneaking into the prison through the sewer system. The approach proves successful, as they emerge within the prison energy room just as Gaihawk finishes re-energizing himself and freeing his Breast Animal from captivity. It turns out that Gaihawk and Greatshot are old friends, and Gaihawk is not impressed with the fact that Greatshot is now on the side of the angels. As the two old "friends" begin battling, damaging the energy room equipment and destabilizing the flow of lava around the prison, Hellbat races back outside as the prison begins to erupt with geysers of magma. Gaihawk and Greatshot's battle carries them to a walkway above a massive vat of lava, where Gaihawk nails his Autobot opponent with his super-cooled plasma "Ice Needle" attack and sends him tumbling into the tank. Although Greatshot saves himself at the last minute with a grappling line, Gaihawk opts for escape rather than continued battle as the explosions within the prison worsen.

Outside, the Autobots guide the prisoners and guards into Galaxy Shuttle to take them to safety, while Leozack and Hellbat carry their non-flying comrades away. When Holi and Greatshot do not appear, Star Saber ventures into the prison to find them. Holi is hauling Greatshot out of the pit when a tremor hurls him in as well, but Star Saber arrives in the nick of time to save them from a molten fate. Everyone gets to safety, but the prison is lost for good as it sinks beneath the lava sea. Although the Decepticons have escaped, something good has come of the whole affair – a friendship has been born between Holi and Greatshot. Ain't that lovely?


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  • The Autobots' trip to planet Micro, their meeting with Greatshot and Hellbat's scheme with the Crossformers all happened in the previous episode.

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