Rescue is the thirty-fifth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on April 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Autobots attack the Decepticon base on the Moon and make a discovery.


By himself, Demolishor grumpily cleans up the Decepticons' base after Starscream's rampage. Turning around, Demolishor is surprised to see Starscream standing right behind him, and drops some of the items he was carrying on his own foot. Demolishor is introduced to Starscream's new running crew: the Autobots. Demolishor activates the alarm. The Autobots and Decepticons meet in Megatron's throne room. Megatron fires the Requiem Blaster at Starscream, but Smokescreen blocks the shot with the Skyboom Shield. A bright light from the impact fills the room, blinding the Autobots long enough for Megatron to retreat, leaving his troops behind to finish the battle. The Autobots and Decepticons engage in battle with each other (with Sideswipe attempting to take on Tidal Wave on his own). While Starscream is blinded by his vengeance, Laserbeak and Hot Shot are assigned to locate Perceptor. Perceptor runs Jerry away from Demolishor's Tom. When Demolishor backs Perceptor into a corner, Laserbeak flies into Demolishor's face just long enough to ruin Demolishor's aim. While the Decepticon stumbles about, Hot Shot arrives to punch Demolishor down. Perceptor runs ahead and finds himself in an encounter with Tidal Wave, and again Hot Shot comes to the Mini-Con's rescue. But because of Tidal Wave's power and size, Hot Shot has more difficulty taking the Decepticon down. Perceptor leaves. Perceptor finds all his captured Mini-Con brothers - in a hidden underground facility where they're being put to work to assemble a gigantic spaceship. Perceptor has some blippy dialogue with the other Mini-Cons, when Megatron attacks. When Perceptor is grasped by the neck, the Mini-Cons begin one of their irregular chants, like the one played when the Requiem Blaster was first formed. The Minis all stop working on the space ship and surround an annoyed Megatron. When Megatron attempts to punish the insolent machines, Hot Shot attacks, covering the Mini-Cons' escape. Tidal Wave arrives just in time to watch Megatron and Hot Shot race out, but Smokescreen shows up to keep Tidal Wave company. Side Swipe and Perceptor guide all the emancipated Mini-Cons through the Decepticon's warp gate, to the Autobot base. Megatron and Hot Shot continue to battle. Megatron is about to finally deactivate the Autobot, but Starscream slices Megatron's cannon off. Against both Hot Shot and Starscream, Megatron falls. With the Mini-Cons safe, Optimus calls his forces to return to the Autobot base, but Starscream would rather stay to finish off Megatron. Starscream agrees to return with the Autobots - but is left feeling upset about it.


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Cyclonus: Boy, what a showoff, so who died and put Mr. Conehead in charge?
Tidal Wave: Stop your whining, Cyclonus. Alexis: This is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life. Tidal Wave: Thank you, Tidal Wave appreciates. Megatron: It seems you're trapped. Like a rat. This amuses me. Sayonara, Autobot.

Aberrations, Errors

  • Animation Error: After Demolishor pushes the alarm button, for a shot, Starscream's Star Saber is drawn in the distinct shape of his regular wing-blade.
  • Mirage and Dirt Boss are among the Mini-Cons in Megatron's construction facility, but earlier, the Autobots were using the Skyboom Shield (which includes them both as components).
  • Tidal Wave's size in robot mode is incredibly inconsistent from shot to shot.
  • Coloring error: When Smokescreen hits the stuck Tidal Wave, Tidal Wave is horribly miscolored for a moment.
  • Animation crappy: There's a shot of Mini-Cons teleporting into the Autobot base; all of the Mini-Cons in this shot are illustrated with the same upper body. In the next shot, Carlos and three Spirals are on screen at the same time, but Spiral was also one of the Mini-Cons the Autobots recovered.








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