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The Requiem Blaster is a Mini-Con weapon from the Armada and Energon portions of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Not to be confused with Dirgegun.

The Requiem Blaster is quite simply the most powerful energy weapon in the known galaxy. It is the combined form of the Mini-Cons Astroscope, Payload, and Sky Blast. It utilizes Astroscope's transdimensional research to drawn on the power of a super nova's energy, a quasar sonic output, or a black hole's gravity. This makes it EXTREMELY powerful. Only the Skyboom Shield and the Star Saber are able to diffuse an attack from the blaster.

Japanese name: Astro Blaster


Armada anime


The actual power level of the Requiem Blaster seems to vary between appearances. At one point it allowed Optimus Prime to slow his fall and boiled away the ocean below him without harming the ground underneath it. Later in the series, however, it blasted a hole clear through Smokescreen and the wall behind him sand in another sequences, it blasted Nemesis Prime to pieces (although he was able to reconstruct himself) and severely injure Hot Shot and Red Alert, showing that it can destroy and damage Cybertronian metal. One presumes that it is a touch stronger than common Earth dirt. Possibly the wielder has a great deal of control over the level of energy fired. also the requiem blaster can reach the end of the universe in the blink of an eye sideways said this in desprate in a video message relayed through autobot HQ. also other mini-cons can disarm the weapon by utilizing the call of the mini-cons. the requiem blaster also can be used to power the hydra cannon along with the star saber sword and the skyboom shield .

Dreamwave Armada comics continuity



Astroscope, Payload and Skyblast can be put together to form the Requiem Blaster.


A redeco of the original Requiem Blaster. It was only packaged with Ultra Magnus.


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