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The name or term Repugnus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Repugnus (disambiguation).

Never a Decepticon, Repugnus is not always an Autobot. No, sometimes he's a former Autobot who has been discharged for insubordination or just plain nastiness, but he always gets called back to perform some mission too unsavory for anybody else. Though he doesn't give a slag for authority or decency, Repugnus always does his job well.

Man, does he love his job. He'll describe with relish how he clawed an enemy within an inch of his life, then beat the bozos head into a fuel-soaked wad of scrap metal with his own leg unit. He'll also add plenty of profanities and colorful idioms to the story. His friends would find this disturbing, if he had any.

Japanese name: Repugg
French name (Canada): Répugnus
Hungarian name: Undor (meaning Disgust or Abomination)


Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters

Voice actor: ?

Marvel comics continuity

For reasons not even Vector Sigma would be able to compute, Repugnus decided to join Fortress Maximus in abandoning the war and settling down for a peaceful, quiet life on the verdant paradise of Nebulos. Maybe there's actually a great deal more complexity to Repugnus's personality than we were led to believe. Maybe he secretly longs for an end to the fighting, and his repulsive and unsavory behavior is just his way of acting out his frustration at the never-ending cycle of violence.

Or maybe he thought pacifists would be easier to harass. Ring of Hate

3H Wreckers comics

Less than 3 deca-cycles after the reformatting of Cybertron into a technorganic wonderland, Repugnus and his fellow Monsterbots (apparently all having undergone the Maximal upgrade downsizing) were seen exiting a bar at the CSSB-16 Spaceport, soused out of their minds (Repugnus especially so, as he was half carried by Doublecross) on some high-quality energon. If they had been a bit less drunk or exited just a bit later, they likely would have run smack into Devcon and the Dinobots. As it was, they just missed another chance to actually DO something in a TF story. Sigh.

IDW comics continuity

Repugnus was held as a prisoner in the Garrus-9 penitentiary complex overseen by Fortress Maximus, stripped down to his spark and held in a tiny box for an as-of-yet unknown crime or offense. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

G1Repugnus toy

I shall dub thee... mini-me.

  • Repugnus (Monsterbot, 1987/1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-98
    • Accessories: Venom Laser
Repugnus transforms from robot to bizarre bug-thing and back. His toy can shoot "cold" sparks from his bug-mode mouth by pressing down on a geared button on his bug-skull. His mandibles open and close as well.
In Japan, Repugnus was never made available as part of the normal retail line. Instead, he was offered only as a mail-order item during Masterforce, the series after the one in which the character appeared. He cost 2500 yen (200 yen more than the other two Monsterbots) and five robot points.


  • In the Monsterbot toy commercial, Repugnus and the Monsterbots were created accidentally during an attempt to create new Autobots. Kup raced to warn Rodimus Prime and Blurr of the accident as the wild Monsterbots trashed the lab where they were born. Thankfully the Decepticons attacked just then, and the Monsterbots burst out of the building through the wall to fight them. Repugnus, sweet guy that he is, gave Octane a great big hug. Rodimus expressed relief that, though they were monsters, at least they were Autobot monsters.
  • Repugnus is holding Doublecross's Rust Ray in all of his instruction graphics and vice versa.

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