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Repugnus is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

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Repugnus is an Autobot only out of convenience, it seems. Leader of a tribe that inhabits the swamplands south of the Steel Shard Mountains, Repugnus and his people value their freedom very highly. As such, he has a seething hatred of Scourge, the dictator ruler of the Jungle Planet, and fights to keep the dragon's influence out of his land.

His hate runs so deep that he has banished his own brother, Undermine, from his swampy home for being associated with Scourge.



  • Repugnus (Scout class, 2006)
Cybertron Repugnus toy

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A redeco of Undermine, Repugnus transforms into a red, black, and yellow robotic dinosaur resembling a spinosaur, a fin-backed predator. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into the back of his fin flips out a blade from the front edge; this blade can be used in both beast and robot modes. His dino-tail becomes a flail like weapon for robot mode.
He came with a silver-bordered Jungle-style Key, with the Key code "s48r" stamped on the back.


  • Confusingly, Repugnus's key code bio makes explicit, pointed reference to how the original Repugnus was an Autobot, implying in-context that Cybertron Repugnus is a Decepticon (which, obviously, he is not). According to Hasbro copywriter Forest Lee at BotCon 2006, Cybertron Repugnus was going to be a Decepticon until they realized that the original was an Autobot. This required a hasty faction-switch for the toy, as the current Transformers team tries to keep character names on the same "side" they started out on.

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