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Reptilion is a Decepticon from an unknown continuity who became a Minion of Unicron in the Universe war.

Don't ask what the stick is for.

Reptilion was once a noted scholar, his intellect on par with Perceptor's and his skills in propulsion technology without peer. Then, on a routine exploratory mission, he was abducted by Unicron, whose decimated body was trapped between dimensions. Reptilion was forced to work on the Chaos-Bringer's ruined planetary drive, a task to which he applied all the brilliance and dedication for which he had been chosen. He specifically pursued more effecient methods of space travel, especially warp gate technology. His thralldom has been long, and in fact he is Unicron's longest-serving general.

In battle, he applies his mathematical prowess in the use of his long-range, variable-warhead missiles. He is able to carry out a multitude of battlefield calculations against enemies even thousands of kilometers away, while his own vanadium armor makes him impervious to most attacks.[1]


Universe CD-ROM[]


But if Primal had been thousands of kilometers away, boy, THEN things'd be different.

On an alternate Cybertron, that universe's Optimus Primal was leading the Autobots Snarl, Silverbolt, and Striker against Reptillion [sic], Obsidian, Tankor, Razorclaw, and Blackarachnia in the most intense day of fighting that year. Primal told Reptillion that he should've surrendered in their last fight, since this time there would be no such option. Just as Primal was making good on his word, they were interrupted by a mysterious spaceship that swooped down, sucked the Decepticons up on beams of light, and flew away. The Autobots were left dumbfounded, and within the ship, the captives were just as clueless. Even when they reached their destination, Reptillion had no answer for Tankor's question of where they were. In truth, they were inside Unicron, who was gathering a Decepticon army for a grand war. Universe CD-ROM

Note: This comic shows no signs of being intended to mesh with any other Universe fiction. Given that Universe is entirely ABOUT alternate dimensions, it could still be a side note to the greater storyline... but even still, this "Reptillion" cannot be the same Reptilion seen elsewhere, as the circumstances of his abduction are different.

Universe comic[]

Voice actor: Daniel Ross (English, live-action script readings)

Reptilion helped Razorclaw, Obsidian, Tankor, and Striker oversee the Cauldron. Mainly via ominous perching. Abduction When Optimus Primal, Grimlock, and Megatron raided the arena, Reptilion failed to stop them. OTFCC Live-Action Drama

Later, Unicron sent Reptilion as part of a team of Minions to recover multidimensional abductees who had been diverted to an icy world by a device of Rhinox's design and operation. However, all of the abductees were Autobots, so between them, the Children of Primus sent to rescue them, and an ancient Autobot shuttle that just happened to be pulled into the mix, the Minions were swiftly routed. OTFCC 2004 Live-Action Script Reading


TFU03-toy Reptilion


  • Reptilion (Deluxe, 2003)
    • Accessories: Missile
Part of the first wave of Universe Deluxes, Reptilion is a redeco of Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Iguanus, transforming into a frill-necked lizard. In lizard mode, he can launch a missile from his mouth, which also pops open his frill. In robot mode, he can hold the missile as a club. (Or, if one is so inclined, as a walking stick to gesture with.)


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