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Remorse is the fourtieth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on October 17, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Megatron prepares to use the Hydra Cannon to destroy the Autobots' base on Earth from space.


The Decepticons celebrate the destruction of Autobot leader Optimus Prime. While Cyclonus laughs, Megatron and Starscream stay calm, regretting the victory (for different reasons). Acting glad, Megatron orders his crew to return to Cybertron. In the Autobot base, the kids have trouble coming to terms with the death of Optimus, Fred openly crying. Rad understands that Optimus knew he would die, and he mourns that nobody on Earth would know that Optimus died to save all humans. A week later, the Autobots are still sad, but repressing their sadness to get work done has increased tensions. Hot Shot gets frustrated with how passively the other Autobots have been handling Prime's death, and goes to the teleporter room to meet with Jetfire. He recalls the time he accused Optimus of letting the Decepticons getting the upper hand by letting Starscream join the Autobots. Jetfire returns from his mission to the Decepticons' now-abandoned moon-base, and Hot Shot promptly demands Jetfire take him to space to vengefully hunt down the Decepticons. The other Autobots arrive and try to stress how important it is that the spaceship be finished. But Hot Shot just tells his friends to shut up. Scavenger, insulted, throws Hot Shot to the ground. He commands Hot Shot to be silent as he drags the younger Autobot away. The two teleport away, and Jolt follows. The rest of the kids and Autobots are left to wonder what Scavenger intends to do. Alexis determines Scavenger and Hot Shot to be on an abandoned highway. There, Scavenger brutalizes Hot Shot, and demands he fights back. Hot Shot avoids most of Scavenger's punches, but doesn't retaliate. The kids and Autobots watch as Hot Shot is thrown around. Hot Shot finally fights back when Scavenger mentions Optimus. When the two Transformers press their weight against each other, Scavenger mentions that it was Hot Shot that made him switch to the Autobots. Between punches, Scavenger explains that Optimus had integrity, and that's why Starscream was allowed to join the Autobots. Alexis, watching the fight with the Autobots (who refuse to help Hot Shot) figures out that Hot Shot blames himself for Optimus Prime's death. Hot Shot retreats away from Scavenger, still convinced that Optimus needs to be avenged. Blurr encounters Hot Shot on the freeway, but Hot Shot escapes again. The kids try to reason with the Autobots that abusing Hot Shot won't help Hot Shot overcome his own anxieties - but Red Alert is adamant that aggressive therapy is needed. Side Swipe blocks Hot Shot's path and prepares to open fire against his brother. The Mini-Cons join in on forming the barricade, bringing Hot Shot to an advanced stop. Even Jolt abandons Hot Shot to join the other Minis. Hot Shot remembers Optimus Prime's word about trusting the Mini-Cons. Thanks to the Mini-Cons, Hot Shot has a moment of clarity and recalls what the war with the Decepticons is about. Hot Shot apologizes to the assembled Mini-Cons and Autobots. He wants to re-join and help in the fight against the Decepticons as part of the team again. With the Autobots' morale revitalized, Jetfire announces that he's making Hot Shot the new Autobot commander. Scavenger arrives and starts to take a swing at the new commander, but Hot Shot doesn't move an inch. Scavenger cuts his punch before hitting, and gives Hot Shot his approval. Later that evening, Jetfire tries to give Hot Shot the Matrix, but Hot Shot declines to accept it. Instead, he announces that he'll only lead the Autobots until the team gets back to Cybertron. Working together, the team gets back to work and gets ready to stop the Decepticons.


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  • During his first line in the episode, Hot Shot had enormous hips.
  • At one point in the episode, Scavenger's Autobot symbol is drawn in the shape of the Decepticon logo.
  • Contrary to what Scavenger said in this episode, he was never REALLY a Decepticon, only an Autobot spy.