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"Reinforcements from Cybertron!" was the first toy pack-in flyer from which other Transformers could be ordered. The toys available were the Powerdashers, Omnibots, and Time Warrior. A small amount of story content helped sell the characters, who were only available through mail-order.


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Robot against Robot. Dog against Vampire. Me against the Music.

Early in the Transformers' war on Earth, the Autobots found the tide of battle turning against them. In desperation, they send a message to Cybertron for help, not knowing if anyone was even left on Cybertron to hear it. Thankfully, their cry was heard, and they soon received a "shipment" containing the Powerdashers, Omnibots, and Time Warriors. Optimus Prime gloated to a nearby "junior officer" that he knew their plea would be fruitful.

PackIn Reinforcements Inside

A watch cleverly disguised as an Autobot!

The Powerdashers rooted the Decepticons out from their hiding places, but these new Autobots were "constantly evolving," their appearances altering unpredictably. The Omnibots were more stable, taking on inconspicuous automotive alt-modes and patrolling the highways. They could use their hidden missile systems to take on Decepticons even while still in vehicle mode. The Time Warriors, while referred to as "Autobots," seemed more like tools than Transformers. They were simply timepieces used by Autobot agents (possibly humans) on covert missions in Decepticon territory.


  • The use of the second person in the Time Warrior description implies that the reader is being brought into the story as a human agent using the Autobot wristwatch. This literary technique is more overtly utilized in later, S.T.A.R.S.-related pack-in flyers. However, since this story predates S.T.A.R.S., it could be interpreted differently. Also, the second-person perspective is used in disturbingly fourth-wall-breaking ways in the other descriptions: A Powerdasher "races across your floor." An Omnibot transforms when you "pull back the trunk, swing open the doors, [and] pull out the wheels."
  • This story would be continued in toy pack-in flyers in following years, as the Omnibots and Time Warriors made more appearances, a human-ally organization was formed, and more characters joined the fray. This micro-continuity conforms to no particular major continuity, but it's also vague enough that it doesn't contradict anything too blatantly.
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