Reinforcement is the twentieth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on January 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Scavenger introduces the Autobots to Blurr, the Autobot who nobody really gets along with.


Another day at the office wherein the Autobots battle the Decepticons for a Mini-Con. From the Autobots' base, the kids watch (with Billy and Fred also there this time). Demolishor finds the Mini-Con. Cyclonus, in a rare moment of competence, blasts away Red Alert's attempt to snipe at Demolishor. But just as the Decepticons teleport home, the Mini-Con is blasted from Demolishor's hands by a new Autobot, who Scavenger introduces as Blurr. Blurr activates the Mini-Con panel, who turns out to be Incinerator. Returning home from victory, the Autobots are greeted by the kids, who show interest in their new friend Blurr, who barely acknowledges the kids. Later, Incinerator makes beepy conversation with the Street Action Mini-Cons. The five kids try to start conversation with Blurr, but are sidetracked by the topic of Fred's big fat stomach. When Hot Shot arrives, Blurr leaves. Carlos and Billy give chase and Blurr almost mistakes them for the enemy. Hot Shot tries to break through Blurr's tough guy persona, and Blurr explains that he doesn't need to have a personality. The Decepticons detect the activation of a new Mini-Con and head out. Demolishor takes extra caution to not lose the Mini-Con at the last minute as he did last time. And Megatron barely registers that the two captured panels containing the components of the Skyboom Shield have started to resonate. The Decepticons arrive at the general location where the Mini-Con (Downshift) has already activated and begun to run laps around a human-made racetrack. The Autobots show up soon after and try to intercept the Mini-Con. Hot Shot and Blurr give chase, while the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons get into a standing firefight. On the track, Hot Shot and Blurr have conflicting direction, and impact each other a few times. Blurr, however, is unresponsive. Smokescreen uses his Mini-Con Liftor to blast away Starscream, Sideways, and Cyclonus. Blurr and Hot Shot have to stop and combine with their Mini-Cons to overcome the chasm interrupting the racetrack. On the other side of the track, Blurr, in car mode, begins to rotate rapidly, blowing away Cyclonus and blowing the Mini-Con into the empty stands. Blurr opens up fire on the Mini-Con, causing it to fall beneath the stands where Hot Shot catches it, to Blurr's confusion. Cyclonus yanks the Mini-Con away and the Decepticons retreat. At the Autobot base, the kids scold Hot Shot for not getting along with Blurr. Hot Shot heads to apologize to Blurr, who appreciates the sentiment and concedes that he was unaware that the Mini-Cons were more than just tools, and that he doesn't interact with others very smoothly. Hot Shot and Blurr give each other respect knuckles like the first episode, and everybody is happy they made a new special friend. On the moon, Megatron returns with Downshift to discover that Dirt Boss and Mirage have unlocked on their own, and they combine to form the Skyboom Shield.


In the episode


English dub changes


Characters (In order of appearance):
Hot Shot, Smokescreen, Scavenger, Optimus Prime, Red Alert,

Megatron, Starscream, Sideways, Cyclonus, Demolishor,

Rad, Carlos, Billy, Fred, Alexis,

Blurr, Incinerator, Street Action Mini-Con Team, Mirage, Swindle, Liftor, Jolt, Downshift, Dirtboss


Blurr: Arrogance and pride, a tragic combination, it causes a bot to make mistakes - like this. Red Alert: Sorry to break up the party. Fred: Too radical. Fred: Hey, do you happen to have a website I could check out? Fred: Oh, you're hard as steel. I still have some work to do on this bad boy.
Billy: Geez, sometimes I'm sure the guy leaves his brains at home.
Carlos: You know you're not gonna shape up until you stop scarfing up all that junk.
Billy: Yea, like that will ever happen.
Alexis: He's an eating machine.


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Incinerator, relative to Blurr, shrinks visibly between his first appearance and the epilogue.

Continuity errors

  • Seconds after calling his Mini-Con Liftor, Smokescreen calls his Mini-Con "Long Arm" which is possibly a mistake. Possibly he was just referring to his crane weapon as a "long arm", as that's a fitting description.

Real-world references

  • None known.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Why were the kids blameing Hot Shot? Blurr was the one to blame losing the Mini-Con. Besides, Blurr was trying to shoot it, not to mention he could have esaily shot Cyclonus down.








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