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Refute is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Refute is old because he is hard. He's an ornery old sort with lots of battles under his belt, and a lot of battle damage on his armor (which he likes to show off as a sort of "trophy"). He's not fond of the hero-worship that sometimes follows his exploits, but he suffers through it. He's especially good friends with Hoist; when the robot then known as "Smokescreen" was nearly killed in battle, Refute really didn't take it well. But the two have bounced back to become one of the toughest two-bot teams among the Autobot ranks.

A possible alternate-universe incarnation of Refute is the partner to the Decepticon thug Ransack in the Universe conflict.


Dreamwave comics continuity


Refute is among the Mini-Cons gathered at the Black Mesa in Arizona, in preparation for their return to Cybertron. Presumably he was among the Mini-Cons gathered at the Loop, where their combined power, focused through the Mini-Con Matrix, dealt the critical blow to Unicron.



  • Hoist with Mini-Con Refute (Super-Con, 2003)
Available only with his larger partner Hoist, Refute transforms into a Cybertronic vehicle with large gripper-arms in front. A gear-wheel system moves the gripper-clamp when rolled along in vehicle mode, or when attached to the gearing system on the underside of the Armada Cyclonus mold (in theory, at least).
This mold was also used to make Clamp.
(Note: In Japan, this toy is the powered-up form of Liftor, not a unique character.)


  • Smokescreen with Liftor vs. Ransack with Refute (Battle in a Box, 2004)
The Refute toy was redecoed as part of a "Battle in a Box" multi-pack along with Universe Ransack, Universe Smokescreen, and Liftor. This set was only available in "market six" stores like Kohl's.


  • Refute's gearing system (and the attachment method for it) seems to indicate the Hoist mold was originally going to have a gear-wheel gimmick as part of the crane-arm, similar to the kind found on the Armada Cyclonus toy. He is also unable to connect to Cyclonus's gear system without the bulk being incorrectly transformed.

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