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Reflector was a Cybertronian and a member of the Patterner movement before the Great War.


The Covenant of Primus

Reflector emerged from the Well of All Sparks prior to the Great Cataclysm. As he and his fellow Cybertronians hid in the bowels of Cybertron to avoid the solar storms, they talked about the possible causes of the Cataclysm. A learned 'bot named Azimuth talked about star charts and celestial bodies, and Reflector's friends formed together into a group known as the Patterners as they emerged from the darkness. They began a laborious project of recording celestial information on the surface of the planet in massive pattern designs, hoping this information could be preserved for future generations to prevent another Cataclysm.

Background Information

  • Reflector's name comes from a Generation 1 Decepticon who was composed of three separate robots.
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