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Redline is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


Safety officer for the Mini-Con starship Exodus, Redline is selfless in his goal of bringing the Mini-Con race to peace. He's technically brilliant, and incredibly brave in battle despite his hatred of violence. But he also tends to put himself in far more danger than he needs to in order to spare others, when they're just as willing to take the risks. Sometimes he needs reminding that he can't save everyone and can't do it all by himself.

He and Falcia have had a long-standing clash of opinion about how to achieve Mini-Con independence. Redline wants to go it alone and find their own way, while Falcia is all for the joining of the Autobots and wiping out the Decepticons. The two have butted heads over this for a long, long time. Totally a Moonlighting thing.

He's also seen by Twirl as a father (not a father figure, literally a father), and of all the Mini-Cons, he is perhaps the one Stella Holley is closest to.

Man, he gets all the chicks.


Micron Legends: Linkage mini-comics

Redline and his teammates escaped from the crashing Exodus in an escape pod that landed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. They lay dormant for centuries until the Mini-Cons were reactivated due to the actions of Rad White and Carlos Lopez. Upon reactivation, the trio crawled onto the shore and took new alternate forms suited to the environment. They were suddenly pursued by a pair of Fixer Bugs and escaped into a parking garage.

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  • Super Stunt Team Micron (DVD pack-in, 2003)
A redeco of the Street Speed Mini-Con Team member Backtrack, Redline transforms into a Cadillac XLR luxury car. He was only available with limited-edition copies of the first Micron Legend DVD, in a three-pack with his teammates Flat-Out and Servo.
This mold was also used to make Armada Side Burn and Dice. It was planned to be used for Energon Override and packed with Ultra Magnus, but that release was changed late in the production run and given a different Mini-Con Team.


  • Micron Legend Volume 1 was the only DVD in the series to come with an entire Mini-Con Team; the rest only had a single Mini-Con per volume.
  • Redline's coloration was going to be applied to the unreleased Energon Mini-Con Brakedown. That whole team was a "one-off" of the Super Stunt Team, shuffling the colors from each member onto different molds.

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