Red Spot is a member of G.I. Joe from the Generation One continuity family.

"And that's what happens if you look directly into a laser!"

Red Spot, a.k.a. Michael P. Ritchie, is a huge geek. Inspired by science fiction movies, he built his first laser device at nine, and he's been cobbling together death rays every since. But he's an Aikido black belt, a member of G.I. Joe, and goes on dates with girls, making him the envy of his basement-dwelling brethren.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

Red Spot accompanied the Laser Squad on a G.I. Joe mission to the Himalayas of Tibet to stop the forces of Cobra-La and Unicron. Saving their teammates from certain doom, Red Spot, Flash and Sci-Fi destroyed Monstructor's head, forcing the giant to dis-assemble. Black Horizon, Part 2

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