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Red Energon

Energon, now in strawberry flavour!

Red Energon is an extremely volatile and rare type of Energon. When it is refined into fuel, it increases the user's speed and strength. Despite this, it takes significantly longer to process than regular Energon.

Transformers: Prime[]

New Recruit[]

A meteorite of Red Energon was uncovered by a human construction team. Pictures of it found their way onto the Internet where they were found by both Raf and Starscream. By that time it had been removed from the construction site and was being moved by crane at a dock, and Optimus Prime had Agent Fowler clear the area. When the Autobots arrived at the dock, they were intercepted by Starscream in his Apex Armor. Starscream managed to break a chunk of Red Energon off, and after the quick-thinking Smokescreen separated him from his armor with the phase shifter, he blew up the rest of the Red Energon and made off with his piece.

Hard Knocks[]

Starscream worked to refine the energon, but the process was slow and only yielded enough for only one or two doses. He used it to get the drop on Smokescreen, knocking the Autobot out so Starscream could obtain an Omega Key.

Inside Job[]

He used the remainder of it to infiltrate the Autobot base and swipe the other three Omega Keys. It lasted only long enough for him to steal the keys and wore off just as he stopped to taunt Optimus and the others. Luckily enough for Starscream he managed to open a GroundBridge in time to escape.



  • In a description of "New Recruit" on The Hub's website, Red Energon was labeled Hypergon, however this name was never used on the show or anywhere else.
  • Red Energon was never seen or mentioned after Season Two, despite being a powerful weapon.