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The name or term Red Alert refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Red Alert (disambiguation).

Red Alert is paranoid, which is not a bad trait in a Security Director if it's kept in check by reason, logic, and common sense. Red Alert is...not always so good with those other traits. The other Autobots appreciate his good intentions and eye for detail, but his ratio of false alarms to real emergencies is not always the greatest, and it makes them less likely to take him seriously when a threat is real. Inferno does his best to keep his good buddy Red out of trouble.

"I knew there was trouble!"
―Red Alert...all the time[["Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1"| [src]]]

Japanese name: Alert
French name (Canada): Feu D'alerte ("Flare")
Hungarian name: Riadó ("Alert")
Italian name: Giaguaro ("Jaguar"), Alert (1987 on)



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

When the Autobot warrior Brawn went on a temporarily mad rampage, Red Alert leapt out from nowhere to deck Brawn with one punch, and then vanish into the night as if he had never been there. The Enemy Within!

Note: For some reason, Red Alert and Inferno were never given introductions along with the other Autobot Cars in the Marvel series. There was no explanation for his presence on Earth in the above story, nor was he ever mentioned again. The only other evidence of his existence was a mis-colored cameo on the cover of Marvel US #41, Totaled!
Marvel UK Future Timelines

In 2009, Red Alert was one of the few Autobots available on Earth to help Kup and Arcee assault the new energy leech being constructed by the Decepticons. After destroying the work Soundwave and the Terrorcons had done, Red Alert and the others were immediately drafted by Rodimus Prime into leaping through the trans-time dimensional portal back to 1989. It seemed the extended time-jump of former Decepticon leader Galvatron was causing heavy stress on the timestream at both ends. 20 years in the past, Red Alert and his future Autobots joined forces with several different factions of Autobots and Decepticons on Earth to confront the menace of Galvatron and the resultant time storm. Red Alert took some flak from Galvatron's particle cannon during the battle, but ultimately the time storm was abated when Galvatron himself was cast into its maw, and the timestream restabilized itself. Red Alert, Rodimus and the other future Autobots then returned to their own time. Time Wars

Or did they? Upon returning to 2009, Red Alert and his comrades found Galvatron already there waiting for them. It seemed their actions in the past had reconstructed the timeline to such a degree that their present was now radically changed -- Galvatron and his Decepticons now ruled Cybertron. The Autobots tried to adjust to these new events and created a token resistance movement on Cybertron, but it was soon crushed and they were chased off their home planet and back to Autobot City on Earth. During the trip, Red Alert was serving as chief bridge officer of their starship when the Autobots were assaulted with sabotage. The Void While Kup and a security team attempted to ferret out the traitor, Red Alert did his level best to keep the Autobots from crashing into Earth uncontrollably at sub-light speeds. Battered and bruised, most of the Autobots survived thanks to Arcee's efforts to reactivate the retro-rockets at the last minute. Edge of Impact They still had to face the saboteur, however: an insane Rodimus Prime, corrupted from within by the essence of Unicron that he had unknowingly been carrying inside himself. On the ground, Red Alert joined Kup, Arcee, and the others in fighting their mad leader, until ultimately Rodimus fought off the evil within and regained his senses. White Fire

Generation 2

Grimlock planned a raid on Jhiaxus' ship Twilight against Optimus Prime's orders. Unfortunately, Jhiaxus was expecting this move and had Grimlock's troops surrounded. Red Alert attacked Jhiaxus anyhow, and was blown to pieces. Red Alert's death hinted to Grimlock that this may have been a bad idea. Devices and Desires!

American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Michael Chain (US), Yoku Shioya (Japan)

You're riding a horse! Did Megatron send you?!

Red Alert assisted Inferno when the Dinobots accidentally set Autobot headquarters on fire. He and Inferno later helped Prowl and Jazz corral some motorcycle rustlers who got transported into the future by a time warp. Dinobot Island, Part 1, Dinobot Island, Part 2

There's someone out there, watching me...

The Autobots were testing the powerful Negavator superweapon they had built in cooperation with the United States Military when the Decepticons attacked, intent on stealing the weapon. Optimus Prime ordered Red Alert and Inferno to stay inside and guard the bunker as the rest of the Autobots took the fight to the Decepticons. Inferno chafed to fight the Decepticons and left Red on his own despite the latter's pleas for him to stay. During the battle, Decepticon attacks caused the bunker to catch fire and become damaged (much to Grapple's dismay), knocking Red Alert on the head and burying him under rubble. Realizing what happened, Inferno and the other Autobots returned to rescue Red. Unfortunately, the blow to his head damaged Red's logic circuits, making him more paranoid than usual, and caused him to flee the other Autobots in fear that they would take him apart and use him for spare parts. He also became thoroughly convinced that his pal Inferno was after his job and so he escaped the Autobots. Red Alert's damage was such that if he was left untreated and insane, his circuits would eventually explode, and so the Autobots immediately left to find him.

Images like this, and yet Tracks gets all the innuendo.

Meanwhile, Starscream (who had once again fallen out of favour with Megatron) used Red's paranoia to his own advantage by pretending to form a partnership with the Autobot, feeding his paranoid state, encouraging him to steal the Negavator and use it to destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons. With Red Alert's knowledge, the pair infiltrated the bunker and stole the Negavator, just in time for Megatron to seize the weapon and for Starscream to reveal his true cowardly ways. Fortunately, Inferno saved Red Alert from himself and his Decepticon 'allies'. Auto Berserk, Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2, Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 1

Once, Cosmos radioed in to Teletraan I to inform the Autobots he had uncovered data on a new source of energy upon Saturn's moon of Titan, but was under heavy fire from Astrotrain. Optimus Prime began to order Cosmos to transmit the data, but Red Alert overruled his commander, saying it was too risky as the Decepticons might monitor and intercept the transmission. Prime acknowledged Red's caution, and instead sent a team of Autobots out aboard Omega Supreme to meet Cosmos. The God Gambit, The Revenge of Bruticus

Note: Storyboards for The Transformers: The Movie show Red Alert killed by the Constructicons after helping Sideswipe,Tracks, and Ultra Magnus stop Devastator. The scene was cut out of the Battle of Autobot City.

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Red Alert was amongst the Autobots caught off-guard during the resurgent Decepticons' surprise attack on Cybertron. Four Warriors Come out of the Sky

Note: The character also featured in the Transformers 2010 title sequence, despite not appearing in any of the episodes themselves.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Red Alert was serving the Autobot cause in Iacon when Sentinel Prime was destroyed, and Optronix first rose to become Optimus Prime at the request of Council of Elders. He worked under Prime's command and later, after Optimus and Megatron disappeared through a Space Bridge portal and the Dark Ages began, become one of the Autobot soldiers serving in Prowl's faction. The War Within: The Dark Ages

After the Great Shutdown, Red Alert was one of the first Autobots resurrected by the new alliance of Ultra Magnus and Shockwave, and was chosen to lead the united Cybertronians alongside Shockwave and an Autobot High Council. The council proved incapable of adequately leading on their own, though, and began gradually giving more and more power to Shockwave over time, until their role was as little more than figureheads. Ultimately, it took the arrival of Optimus Prime and the Ark's crew to galvanize the Autobot forces of Cybertron into realizing just how badly they'd been had by the Decepticons. Red Alert and the council finally joined in the insurrection and helped bring down Shockwave's empire. War and Peace

Red Alert was seen tutoring several new Autobot cadets in combat as Cybertron settled down after the uprising. Black Sunshine He was last seen among the Autobots who traveled to Earth to work on the construction of the new Autobot City. The Route of All Evil

Note: Red Alert is one of the larger continuity errors in Dreamwave's Generation One series. Several characters were shown in the first limited series, Prime Directive, who were later addressed in the continuity as definitively NOT having been part of the Ark or Nemesis crews. Unlike the one panel cameos of bots like Blitzwing or Kickback, however, Red Alert was shown as fully active and interacting with his fellow Autobots on Earth, only to be assertively stated as having always been on Cybertron in the next limited series.

IDW comics continuity

Red Alert briefly appeared with Prowl investigating the aftermath of some robot's demise during Kaon's underground bloodsport movement. Megatron Origin

War For Cybertron Trilogy

Chapter 1: Siege

Elita One takes Bumblebee and Wheeljack to get checked out by Red Alert, who is tending to Sideswipe. While they didn’t recover much, Wheeljack gives Red Alert the Thoraxal Nodes he found. Red Alert checks out Bumblebee and offers to patch him up. He can’t believe that they’re all that’s left of the Autobots. Red Alert was a doctor before the war, but then they gave him a blaster and now he’s a soldier. Chromia adds that they’re all soldiers now. Episode 1

Sideswipe takes Cog to Red Alert, who orders that Cog is taken to the repair bay. Episode 2

Ratchet gives Red Alert a hand in the infirmary. Impactor looks around and can’t believe that so many bots have been killed at Megatron’s command. Episode 4

Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee return to Command to find the cloak down. Elita One and Red Alert inform them that the Decepticons transmitted a virus to wipe out their system and defenses. They present Wheeljack with the energon and tell him to get the ship in the air, but they find themselves under attack by the Decepticons.

Bumblebee awakens to find Arcee, Ironhide, and Red Alert defending the ship. The Protocols are gone from within Bumblebee. Red Alert explains that the same virus that destroyed their computers destroyed the Protocols. And so, Bumblebee grabs a gun and joins the battle.

Wheeljack gets the Ark operating and they head to the Spacebridge. Red Alert is shot down by a Decepticon near the Spacebridge and the Ark leaves without him. He regroups with Chromia and Elita and ask if the Ark made it. Elita replies they didn’t. Saying that everyone died on the ship. It's solely up to them to stop Megatron. They are joined by Jetfire. Episode 6

Chapter 2: Earthrise

Red Alert, Jetfire, Elita One, and Chromia kill two seekers and save a group of imprisoned Decepticons. Red Alert then informs Elita that he received intel from Steeljaw. He’s infiltrated one of the largest prison camps they’ve seen. Elita tells Chromia that the camp is deep in Kaon, so they have to plan accordingly and prep for survivors.

Red Alert, Elita, and Chromia stake out the prison camp in Kaon. They fear they’re walking into a trap as the fortress is lightly guarded, but they proceed nonetheless. Chromia shoots down the guards on the tower while Red Alert and Elita race inside, taking out the guards at the front.

They arrive at the prison camp and take out numerous Decepticons. However, they proceed to walk into a trap set by Starscream, who then takes them to Megatron, who has been draining bots of their energon. Episode 1 (Earthrise)

Starscream places Elita in her cell. Red Alert, Jetfire, and Chromia wonder what she’s learned. Elita didn’t learn much. But she doesn’t think that Megatron has even told his own men why he’s harvesting their energon. Jetfire surmises that they’re building a weapon. They then try to break their way out of their cell but fail to do so successfully. They can’t even send a distress signal as HQ is deserted and Omega Supreme has been down since Crystal City fell. Skytread catches Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia trying to sneak away. Surprisingly, he means to help them. While he’s not an Autobot sympathizer, he also doesn’t condone Project Nemesis. Episode 2 (Earthrise)

Elita One, Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia lead the old beaten and battered Decepticons to the old theater. They’re forced to scatter and hide when Seekers approach. Scarface then gets a Decepticon-wide transmission from Shockwave, who explains that Megatron has ordered all Decepticons to report to Kaon Arena. He claims that they have energon to protect them. Elita suspects that Shockwave’s luring them to the arena to harvest their sparks. Episode 3 (Earthrise)

While Elita One sets charges in the arena, Red Alert, Jetfire, Chromia, Scrapface, and the remaining bots find themselves under attack by cloaked Decepticons. Chromia saves them from being taken into the arena by the Decepticons, shooting down their enemies, including Skytread despite the fact that he helped them escape last time. Episode 6 (Earthrise)

Chapter 3: Kingdom

Even though it is clear that both Jetfire, and Elita had died at some point before the autobots and decepticons returned to cybertron, Red Alert and Chromia's fates are unclear since among the projections of dead characters created by their sparks, Red Alert or a character sharing a body type as him is not seen while for Chromia, a bot resembling her can be seen but could be Moonracer since they share a body type.


Generation One

  • Red Alert (Autobot Car, 1985, 2001/2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: 05

I have die-cast metal? This must be a Decepticon plot!

Transforming into a Lamborghini Countach Fire Chief's car, Red Alert's toy is a redeco of the Diaclone "New Countach LP500S Police Car", which was a retool that added roof lights to the original Diaclone "New Countach LP500S", which was the mold used to make Sideswipe. Red Alert's alt mode is a perfect disguise, since many Fire Departments have Lamborghinis as auxiliary vehicles.
Red Alert saw the first of many reissues in early 2001. As part of Takara's "Collector's Edition" series of reissues that saw several pairs of "mold-mates" released together in limited numbers, Alert and Lambor were available as "Set A" at World Character Convention 12[1] For 2002, Alert was again released with Lambor, this time as "New Year Special" editions available through Takara's e-Hobby online shop. Hasbro reissued Red by himself as part of Commemorative Series IV, available at US Toys "R" Us stores in 2003.
Red Alert's mold was also used to make Clamp Down, who was an homage to the mold's original police deco. Sans roof lights, the Lamborghini mold was also used for Deep Cover, Tigertrack, and Generation 2 Sideswipe.

Smallest Transforming Transformers

Someone shrunk me in my sleep! The Autobots have turned against me!

  • Alert (2004)
Japanese ID number: GTF 10
Once again a remold of a Sideswipe, Smallest Transformers Alert was part of the second wave of the line. Like all of the Smallest Transformers, Alert was a tiny, simplified version of his original appearance, with limited articulation and non-rolling wheels.

Binaltech Asterisk

  • Alert Meets Ai (Autobot, 2005)
Japanese ID number: BTA-01

Now I'm suddenly a police car? This must be the work of a conspiracy!

The first release in the Asterisk sub-line of Binaltech, Alert is a retool of the Binaltech Streak mold as a Subaru WRX STi Japanese Police vehicle, a scheme that many fans expected for a Binaltech/Alternators Prowl. Although not a Fire Department vehicle this time, the toy's robot mode did feature many red highlights, including a red head, but as the headsculpt was unchanged, he still looked like Streak. BTA Alert was packaged with the PVC human figurine Ai Kuruma, a policewoman based on Robots in Disguise T-AI.
It should be noted that Alert's release had problems with parts-fitting in vehicle mode, possibly a sign that the Subaru WRX tooling was showing its age. The later release of this mold as Ricochet in the Alternators line, though, does not have these problems.

Universe (2008)

Do I look a little like Hot Shot to you? Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god

  • Red Alert (Legends, 2008)
Universe Red Alert is a redeco of Legends of Cybertron Hot Shot, transforming into a modified Chrysler ME Four Twelve concept car in fire chief colours. In either mode he has flip-out "wings".
This mold is also shared by red Legends of Cybertron Hot Shot and Classics Bumblebee.

Henkei! Henkei!

Bites the eyes out of chocolate Easter bunnies and screams "STOP STARING AT ME!!!"

  • Alert ( 2009)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-20

Alert is a revamp of the Universe Sideswipe mold. Instead of the jet intakes the Car Brothers have on their backs, The Crimson Paranoid One has a non-removable (but rotating) light bar and siren assembly, and he has a facial expression of extreme paranoia. (It's exactly the same look as on Sideswipeケs face, but on Sideswipe, it’s most likely contempt; on Red Alert, it's paranoia. All down to the context, man.) Like the other Henkei toys, he has some chrome parts — in this case his spoiler and gun. He also comes with a collector’s card and another issue of the Henkei mini-comics.


  • Red Alert (Deluxe, 2010)
The mold was slightly altered from the Henkei! Henkei! version and released in the Generations line in the United States in September 2010, now the lights do not rotate, just because Hasbro had to take away 1 point of completely useless articulation...
The lights prevent you from attaching his "Jetpack" to his back in robot mode, so now his instructions say to wrap his car-mode engine attachment around his gun. It does not stay on very well.
Oh, his head and arms are black and gray as same as Sideswipe, while the spoiler is white, because Hasbro didn't chrome it for the US release.


  • Voice actor Michael Chain has stated that he based his characterization of Red Alert on former U.S. President Richard Nixon, a man so incredibly paranoid that he kept secret audio recordings of himself.
  • Red Alert appeared in one of five original Generation One public service announcements. After nearly mowing down a pair of kids on bikes, Red Alert scolded them and told them to never ride at night without reflectors. However, Red Alert was shown driving at night without his headlights on, so that probably didn't help. Also, he only swerved at the last second... almost like he was aiming for them.
  • In the Dreamwave Generation One comics, when showing the panel through the eyes of many Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon alike, twisted text along the side of the shot, oftentimes reversed or flipped around, would read "The More Than Meets The Eye Transformer Red Alert". While other messages were often used, sometimes as Easter Eggs, this was the most popular. The Girl Scouts must have been planning this for years.
  • Although the first year of the Transformers line in Japan consisted of both 1984 and 1985 toys, Red Alert just managed to pipe most of the U.S. 1985 range to the post by being released in tandem with Sideswipe as one of the initial releases. Early TV Magazine art ostensibly featuring the Season One cast even specifically includes Red Alert among the 1984 Autobots.
  • The Acura RSX Alternators Prowl toy was originally supposed to be Red Alert, as backed up by a placeholder listing found at Hasbro's website and a Takara color guide for the toy that used a control drawing which sports a head sculpt based on G1 Red Alert (but colored as Prowl).[2] Eventually, however, it was decided to release the toy as Prowl instead. Despite that the Subaru Impreza model had more resemblance to Prowl and the Acura RSX model had more resemblance to Red Alert. Because of this Reprolabels made sticker sheets that, together with a head swap (which can be swapped with ease) allow you to convert the Subaru into Prowl and the Acura into Red Alert, making them resemble their original forms much closer.
  • He and Breakdown would probably be great friends, if they weren't on separate sides.


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