The Recreator was a cylindrical piece of technology of unknown origin.

It was, in essence, a molecular assembler and disassembler capable of removing a target on a molecular level and storing them within the device. Once inside the machine, anything that was damaged was "healed" in the process.

Appearing as a large clindrical device of Human height, it possessed a button on the top which activated the device. Once online, a surface would extend on top with a small antenna serving as the focal point of the machine which would fire its molecular beam once the button was pressed.


The Transformers cartoon

The Quintessons hired smuggler Dirk Manus to bring them the device to their secret base on one of the moons of Saturn. However, Dirk would be attacked by the Quintesson allied Terrorcons; namely by the group's leader Hun-Gurrr. Dirk managed to crash land on Earth and enlisted the aid of Marissa Faireborn and the Technobots though he secretly planned to betray them to the Quintessons.

After fulfilling his contract, Dirk learnt that the Quintessons had betrayed him by paying him in Mimic dust and attempted to detonate a micro nuclear nullifier device that would have destroyed the Recreator, but instead found that the Quintessons had placed the bomb on his ship. Crashing back onto the moon, Dirk met with the damaged Technobots and tricked the Quintessons into thinking that he brought them as prisoners upon which he used the Recreator to heal them in order for the Autobot group to form Computron. The device was then confiscated by Marissa Faireborn. Money is Everything


  • Interestingly, when the Quintessons tested the device on Blot, he claimed that he felt sick after being reassembled. Two conclusions could be reached: the device malfunctioned, or Blot's various bacterias, germs, and viruses are needed to keep him in good health. Neither prospect is appealing.
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