Rebellion on Planet Beast is the fifth episode of Transformers: The Headmasters. It first aired in Japan on July 31, 1987 on Nippon TV.



The Autobots head for planet Beest to aid the native Beastformers in repelling a Decepticon invasion.


While patrolling the solar system, the Autobot Headmasters discover that Daniel and Wheelie have stowed away on board Battleship Maximus, and more unexpected visitors soon turn up in the form of Hedgehog and Rabbit Kid, two Beastformers from the planet Beest. Adrift in space in exo-suits, they have come seeking the aid of the Autobots in liberating their homeworld from the Decepticons. Fortress reports the situation to Rodimus Prime, and Maximus heads for Beest.

On Beest, a platoon of soldiers under the command of the heroic White Leo are defeated in battle by the evil Beastformers led by Alligatoron, who have sided with the Decepticons. As White Leo debates what to do next, the Autobots arrive on the planet, only to be spotted by the villainous Snake Bomb, who has the information passed to Galvatron. While Fortress and White Leo meet and work on strategy, Wheelie and Daniel come across a young ape Beastformer, whose parents have been imprisoned in a massive underground factory by the Decepticons. Attempting to help him, they are captured by the Decepticon-aligned Beastformers. As the Headmasters go to his rescue, their Beastformer allies turn their attention to the factory, but can make no progress due to a deadly swamp filled with all-consuming piragilons. The Decepticon Headmasters have also arrived on the planet, as have Rodimus Prime, the Trainbots and the Monsterbots; in the midst of a head-switching battle between the Headmasters, Rodimus arrives with Battleship Maximus and drains the swamp, allowing the Beastformers and Monsterbots to enter the tunnels below and liberate the captives in the factory. Meanwhile, the battle rages between the Autobots and Decepticons above, until Galvatron is knocked into the grip of the piragilons by Battleship Maximus, and the villains retreat.

As everyone is reunited, Rodimus and Fortress have cause for concern as they examine the blueprints for what was being constructed in the factory - a small component of some mysterious larger machine. Rodimus orders the Monsterbots to stay on the planet in case the Decepticons return, and the Autobots and Beastformers part as friends.


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Just after Skullcruncher ambushes Chromedome & Hardhead at the river, he is briefly colored similar to Weirdwolf.
  • In the same scene, as Highbrow rushes to save Chromedome & Hardhead, his chestplate keeps changing color.
  • Yet again in the same scene, as Brainstorm's body attaches to Chromedome's head, the latter is colored completely gray. Perhaps he was dead for a moment?
  • Just before being attacked by the steel-eating piranha, Cyclonus is shown using Soundblaster's weapon.

Transformers references

  • Fortress appears in "head mode" for the first time in this episode, controlling Battleship Maximus from the bridge by connecting to it as a head. The head, of course, is that of Fortress Maximus, who will not appear until "Head On!! Fortress Maximus." So it kinda neuters any surprise by having his big ol' noggin appear so far ahead of time.
  • This episode features the first time that the Headmasters exchange heads, boosting their energy and controlling each other's Transtectors. Although the technique is not named at this point, it will later come to be known as the "Cross-Head On."
  • Although it is never directly referred to again, the blueprint the Autobots discover is for a portion of Scorponok's Transtector, which is currently being constructed by enslaved Beastformers on the planet Zarak, as we will see in future episodes.
  • The Transformers would visit planet Beest again in the manga special, Great Decisive Battle of Planet Beest!.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode features the animated debut of the criminally-overlooked Monsterbots.
  • This is the first Headmasters episode to feature fewer than 50 characters, but not by much, and not if you count the multiple identical Beastformers running around!


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