Rear Axle is a glam-rock band, who play a lot of songs about fighting for justice and never giving up. What the band doesn't know is that Bumblebee is one of their biggest fans.


Bumblebee first learned of Rear Axle on his first trip to Earth. Since then, he became one of their most devoted fans. Denny Clay was also an aficionado of the band.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Season 2

During his second mission on Earth, Bumblebee headed to the Crown City Rumbledome as part of a stakeout. Bumblebee was quite excited to go while the other Autobots and Denny (who sadly had to stay behind to as he had a prior appointment with Crackpot Carl). Russell Clay is reluctantly pressed into service wit Bee and they both wounded up facing off against Bisk, who had crashed the same concert to try and steal a soundboard. Bumblbeee and Bisk wound up brawling on stage in front of the band, who believed that the combatants were just humans in elaborate costumes. The band gave Bumblebee the boost he needed and he managed to defeat Bisk, and even got to pose for a picture with the band along with Russell, who admitted it he had fun.

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