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Many Transformers stories -- and many stories associated with other action-oriented brands -- have a dramatic climax which takes the form of a really big fight at the end (often abbreviated as RBFATE).

During the really big fight at the end, nearly all the characters who have appeared in the story participate in a grand melee. In almost all cases, the good guys get the upper hand (often by destroying the bad guys' EI/AD) and the bad guys retreat. Sometimes, at that point, somebody makes a bad joke.

The verbal construction and acronym for the really big fight at the end were coined by fan Kendrick Kerwin Chua in the mid 1990s. Although the term saw wide use during the era of, it has since faded largely into obscurity as the fan community has grown and fractured into countless decentralized fora.

List of Transformers Episodes and Events with a RBFATE

The Transformers

Beast Wars

Beast Wars cartoon
Beast Wars comic

Live-action film continuity

Transformers Animated

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