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Megatron and Cobra Commander make a deal.



The doctor may be the only being in the universe to be unimpressed when Megatron fires a plasma blast at her.

Megatron, whose body is visibly in terrible condition, is insulted by Cobra Commander's proposed deal, and is attacking Cobra's shapeshifting Silent Castle. The human counterattack is ineffective until Doctor Biggles-Jones manages to hit Megatron with a hyper-velocity railgun of her own design. Megatron is impressed by the fact that, even after ripping a hole straight through him, the round still achieves escape velocity. He reopens negotiations. The deal is, Cobra gets the technology of the Ark, and in return, they rebuild his body, including the railgun.


What color does a Transformer with a hypervelocity railgun choose to paint himself?
Any color he wants.

While the work is in progress, Zarana proposes they just keep on disassembling Megatron to learn his secrets. Cobra Commander says he wants to stick to the deal, for the time being. Megatron, with his new upgraded sensors, overhears this, and smirks.

Later, we witness a test of a purple-and-green tank against a trio of Cobra HISS tanks. The oddly-colored tank destroys them with no difficulty, and then transforms into Megatron, in his new G2 body.

Several of the ongoing G.I. Joe plots are also visited in this issue, but are not relevant to the Transformers-related storyline.

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Script: Larry Hama
Pencils: Chris Batista
Inks: Baskerville, Williams, Hudson, Wallace
Colors: Sharen, Witterstaetter
Letters: Rick Parker
Editor: David Wohl

  • Originally published: August, 1993

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Items of note

  • The cover title of the series for this issue is G.I. Joe Starring Snake-Eyes and Transformers Generation 2. However, the title in the indicia (and hence the legal title) is G.I. Joe A Real American Hero.
  • Megatron's portrayal in this issue has him as one of the most robotic Transformers ever. He speaks almost entirely in terms of sensors and analyses; he gives his own systems many verbal commands during battle ("Reconfigure!" "Damage control activated!"); and he demonstrates far-reaching sensor acuity, giving the chemical and biological details of Dr. Mindbender's revival several floors below, and tracking a weapon's projectile into orbit.
  • "Neo-Trapezoid" is a totally made-up architectural style.

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