Reactaline is a unique mineral found on Earth. When subjected to the effects of some property, it itself temporarily takes on that property. For instance, subjecting reactaline to sound waves causes it to vibrate and emit sound. The earth beneath Griffin Rock is laced with reactaline.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Now and Then"

A small amount of reactaline was used in a griffin statue in the Hall of Inspiration. Doc Greene located a large chunk of it while looking for diamonds in an old mine, and discovered the fact it ran all the way through the island. With Chase's help, he secured a sample which he took back to his laboratory for tests. He and Frankie exposed it to electricity and sonic waves, however when they subjected it to a magnetic field, the chunk was drawn through the air to the status in the Hall of Inspiration, where it shattered. Later a quantum crystal struck a reactaline vein, and the entire island was teleported to the Arctic.

"Today and Forever"

After the townsfolk flew the island back to Maine, the reactaline was magnetized and pulled the island back to its usual place.

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