Reaching the Omega Point was the Transformers convention-exclusive storyline which ran from BotCon 1998-2000. It's part of the 3H Productions comic continuity, which is itself an extension of the Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoons.

Short Summary

Apelinq accidentally time-travels from Beast Machines-era Cybertron back to the 2nd year of the Beast Wars. Representatives from an even more distant future where evil reigns follow him to ensure events critical to their time proceed undisturbed...

The Story


  • Apelinq continued to influence the course of events in the subsequent Universe, Transformers Collectors' Club, and Classics official fiction. Yes, all of those vignettes, spread over about a decade, unite into one long, very complicated story.


  • presents Herald as chapter 4 of Reaching the Omega Point. The Botcon 2000 comic's presentation places it (more sensibly) as a prequel.
  • The name Reaching the Omega Point was not christened until Botcon 1999, but is retroactively applied to the Botcon 1998 script, which served as the storyline's opening act.

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