Re-engineered Cybertronian wildlife are examples of the natural fauna of planet Cybertron that have been taken by the humanoid inhabitants of the planet and reformatted into a creature with a military function, mounted with weapons and extra armor. Examples of these creatures always take animal-like forms as opposed to the humanoid forms taken by other Transformers.


All examples of the re-engineered Cybertronian wildlife are seen in the live action movies and their related media. Their ability to transform, if they have any at all, appears to be limited. Sometimes they might even transform and fit into their partners. Hatchet appears to be the only one who transform into his vehicle mode. Most examples of these life forms appear to have a symbiotic partner, that is, another transformer that acts as their handler and controls them.

Aside from the Insecticons, all of the examples of the re-engineered Cybertron Wildlife have a confirmed symbiotic partner:


  • Laserbeak is the only example that can speak by far.
  • Steeljaw is the only example that is bonded to an Autobot.
  • In Titan Magazines, Starscream refers to the Insecticons as being "his". This may indicate that Starscream is the Insecticons' controller.
  • Driller may not be re-engineered at all, according to Ratchet in the comic adaptation of Dark of the Moon, and instead may just be tamed. Evidence to this theory includes the fact that the Driller has no visible projectile weaponry. All the other examples have some form of projectile weaponry. Examples include Ravage's hip guns and Laserbeak's wing-mounted guns.
  • Ravage is the only one to both own a partner and to be owned by a partner by far.
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