250px-IDWRID4 Razorgrille

Razorgrille is a tall, thin, blue-green crocodilian Decepticon and member of the Cybercomrade Sect.


Robots in Disguise comic issue 4

Razorgrille was one of the Decepticons imprisoned about the Alchemor, and was freed when the ship crashed on Earth. He and Skullcruncher began working for Sect leader Overhead as she worked on a space bridge to get them back the Cybertron. After a scavenging mission retrieving parts, the pair returned to their hideout in the Petrosynthesis Chemical Plant to find Overhead had decided they'd instead establish the Sect on Earth where there were no Autobot authorities to hassle them. As short time later, Razorgrille found Skullcruncher blabbing about the operation to a newcomer, who as it turned out was an Autobot spy. The pair headed back to the hideout to aid Overhead, only for their boss to set the incomplete space bridge on self destruct in an attempt to take out the attacking Autobots. Razorgrille had to bite Sideswipe's leg to avoid being dragged into the resulting black hole. In the aftermath, the two Croctobots were captured along with their boss, placed in stasis pods and returned to Cybertron on Ultra Magnus's ship.

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