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Razorclaw is a heroic Decepticon from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

It's totally cool with me if you don't know who I am.

Formerly a science professor at Tyrest University, Razorclaw was forced to flee into the Manganese Mountains with two of his students, Divebomb and Rampage, when the evil Autobots destroyed the campus. Known for unconventional thinking, he patiently retaught himself and his Predacon refugees to be the ultimate hunters. Though eventually stories were told of the beastly shadows that haunted the Manganese Mountains, that did not stop a few curious Transformers from seeking out Razorclaw's legendary wisdom. Though Razorclaw is now a creature of violence, he welcomes all who approach seeking knowledge.



Man, every professor should take their students dinosaur-hunting.

Razorclaw and his fellow Predacons were first seen in the Decepticons' Polyhex war room, where the Decepticons were orchestrating their attack on the Ark. Razorclaw warned that their targets would be heavily guarded, prompting Starscream to suggest using Cliffjumper's glass gas against the enemy's armaments.

At sundown, the Decepticons attacked. Razorclaw and Rampage took out the guards, allowing the Decepticons' air forces to drop glass gas bombs on the front lines. As Megatron ordered the rest of the Decepticons to attack, Razorclaw and the other Predacons countered the dimwitted Grimlock. Shattered Glass



Razorclaw 2008BotCon

That's Doctor Razorclaw to you!

  • Shattered Glass (BotCon box set, 2008)
Part of BotCon 2008's exclusive box set of figures, Razorclaw is a redeco of Classics Overbite, transforming into a robotic wolf.
Razorclaw was only available as part of a set of six toys, along with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug, Autobot Jazz and Starscream.
This mold was also used to make Gredator.


  • Razorclaw and his fellow Predacons are drawn inconsistently in size. Early in their "Shattered Glass" appearance, they look no shorter than the other Decepticons, but during the attack on the Ark, they are tiny.

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